Whatsapp Free: how to have Whatsapp for Free… Forever (for Android & iOS)

whatsapp freeMany internet users would like to have WhatsApp Free and are wondering where to find and how to have Whatsapp for Free, forever. For the Android operating system or the iOS / iPhone here is how you can do it. Tired of paying the annual fee for access to Whatsapp? You thought it was not possible to have Whatsapp for free?

Something has changed recently. Indeed it is now possible to have Whatsapp free forever and in a legal manner, without violating the terms of the license.

Whatsapp Free: two possibilities to obtain whatsapp for free

There are 2 alternatives to get whatsapp for free, based on the operating system of your mobile device: Android or ios – iPhone.

Whatsapp Free (for Android)

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For mobile devices running Android, one option is that one of your friend gives you a license as a gift. In that case, you have to send your code corresponding to your Whatsapp subscription to your friend or relative who wants to gift you of a Whatsapp subscription and wait him to pay (by credit card or paypal) for it.

But how do you get Whatsapp free after receving it as a gift? Just start Whatsapp, go to the icon of the menu, then “Settings”, “account” and “payment info”. In this section you have to select “send URL”. The person to whom we sent it, can read it on your mailbox and complete the payment. To verify the payment, just go back into the menu of Whatsapp and check the new expiration date of the renewal of the payment.

Whatsapp free for iOS – iPhone
For those with the iPhone it is even simpler: in fact, since Whatsapp was included for free  among the apps already installed on devices running iOs, you will be entitled for a free license of Whatsapp for the rest of your life! Or rather, in the past it was required to pay, but a minimal sum, that did not require additional annual payments.

Whatsapp free forever: how to retrieve the license whatsapp
Just download Whatsapp on a mobile device running iPhone ios, for example where there is a SIM card with the same mobile number which already had an associated license of Whatsapp free, and wait for it to be recognized automatically, so you do not have to pay anymore and, therefore, there will be no expiring date anymore !

No option for a free Whatsapp license has been discovered yet for those who have mobile devices with Windows Phone operating system. In this case, you might try an alternative app to WhatsApp.

In fact if none of these solutions to use Whatsapp for free satisfy your needs, or you simply prefer a different free messaging app, there are plenty of good alternatives to WhatsApp like, for example Telegram (which is compatible with Android, IOS, Windows Phone, and Windows, Apple and Linux operating systems) or Viber which is optimized for free voice / telephone calls.

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