WhatsApp introduces multi-ethnic emoji in its last beta

emojiWhile on the Play Store is now available the version 2.12.158 of WhatsApp, a new beta is already arrived,  the version 2.12.161. This  new beta contains some updates which surely will be appreciated by Android users. The enhancements involve mainly the emoji: in fact some of these are now also available in a multi-ethnic variation. As usual, it is really extremely easy to add them to your messages, and some of them are very funny too.

But let’s see how to use them. As we said, it’s very simple. Just go to the usual list of emoticons (the one containing the smileys). Scrolling down, you will find some arrows next to some smileys. By pressing them you will see a menu opening, from where  you can choose six different kinds of complexion. This politically correct option has already been introduced by many other services, so WhatsApp, which is the most used instant messaging application in the world, could not avoid this step.

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Some of the emoji introduced are truly unique and funny, and we are sure that many nerds will appreciate the one of Spock’s Vulcan salute. At the moment we still do not know when this new feature will be available on the Play Store. In the meantime, if you are keen on using it, you can download the latest beta of WhatsApp directly from the official website.

Maybe you remember that these new emoji had already been introduced in version 8 of Unicode, which is also present in Android. Unfortunately, with the operating system of Google these could only be displayed (or, in some cases, not even) but could not be used. If we had wanted to use them, we would have to use WhatsApp Web service, which runs only from PC. Luckily now this problem is solved, and  these new emoji are available directly on the emoji keyboard, just like the classic ones.