WhatsApp for iOS: the new 2.17.30 version adds a new album feature and much more

WA for iOS album featureWhatsApp developers are really working harder than ever to keep our favourite instant messaging app always on the top. During the last few months the app has undergone through several changes and we have seen the addition of several new features and improvements, and the best is yet to come.

Today we are going to talk about an interesting feature that has just been added to the iOS version of the app and that has been released with the new 2.17.30 update for iOS devices. We think that iOS users will really enjoy this new option, that will help them to keep their photos better organized.

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How does this new album feature work? Let’s say, for example, that you receive multiple photos from the same contact in a row. Well, thanks to this new option they will be grouped together as an album. Isn’t it great? And that’s not all. This latest 2.17.30 update for iOS devices has also added a selection of filters that will allow you to adjust the colour and the tone of your pictures, GIFs and videos, and without even leaving the app.

This new update for the moment offers the choice of five filters: Pop, B&W, Cool, Chrome and Film. All of them can be used simply by swiping up on the photo that you have decided to share with your contacts. Furthermore, you will find a new reply shortcut. To use this new shortcut you just have to swipe right in any message, and you can quickly reply to it. This new features have only been added to the iOS version of the Facebook-owned app, so it seems that for once Android users won’t be the first to use new features.

And, again, that’s not all. According to WABetaInfo, the already popular Recall feature is included in the code of this latest update as well. The problem is that it is currently a hidden feature, so, unfortunately, it is disabled by default and only WhatsApp can enable it. Rumours are that the company intends to launch the Recall option on both iOS and Android at the same time. On the other hand, it could also mean that the developers are just still testing it.