WhatsApp for iPhone: the latest update improves the 3D Touch Support with new features

Peek and PopWell, that’s really awesome. WhatsApp developers really know how to get their users addicted to this popular instant messaging app and how to increase their number. With over 900 million monthly active users, our favourite messaging service really doesn’t rest on its laurels. Only over the last few months we have witnessed an impressive amount of changes that have really transformed, and improved, our beloved app.

A lot of new features have been added such as Quick Reply, Voice Calling, Starred Messages and so on (the list is plentiful), for the joy of WhatsApp users, and the feeling is that the best is yet to come. Some of these new features for the moment run only on Android devices, some on other platforms that support WhatsApp (iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Nokia Asha) but in any case WhatsApp developers are doing a great job.

From today those who use WhatsApp through their iPhone will certainly be even more happy. In fact, after the 3D Touch, with this new version 2.12.11 also the Peek and Pop features have been added. What are these new functions and how do they work? Nothing difficult. If you’ve succeded in updating WhatsApp so far you won’t have any problems with these latest updates.

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Let’s begin with Peek. Peek allows you to preview the content on the app without opening it. Useful, isn’t it? The Pop feature enables you not only to view that content, but also to navigate to it. How? By simply pressing firmly a notification. Furthermore the Pop feature allows you to open the chat.

These amazing features work with Google Maps, Safari, Photos and Mail apps. And that’s not all. This new version of WhatsApp for iPhone also supports rich preview of the links that are shared within the app. And what’s more interesting is that you can choose not to include a rich preview thanks to a specific option. And, to conclude, according to what the company says there is also a redesigned Setting tab that allows to view all the messages that the user have starred under Starred Messages.