WhatsApp for iPhones: more improvements with the new version 2.12.12

new version iphoneYou can never get bored of WhatsApp. At least not until the developers of this popular instant messaging application keep on releasing on a frequent regular basis new and always improved versions of this app. So far  you can use WhatsApp with Android devices, iPhones, Windows Phones, BlackBerry and Nokia Asha devices. It’s a fact that WhatsApp seems to be very special to its users, and the result is that today it is the most used instant messaging service all over the world, with 900 million monthly active users.

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Most of the people use WhatsApp with Android devices, and that explains why this is the platform that receives major attentions by its developers. But, as we said above, there isn’t only Android. iPhone users are undoubtedly a lot, and their WhatsApp version is currently one of the most advanced. Just a couple of weeks ago there was a major upgrade of WhatsApp for iPhone, and this week, with the new version 2.12.12, we can see that the new features have been already improved.

So, where can you find the latest WhatsApp version for iPhones? You can download and install new version 2.12.12. straight from the Apple Store. What changes brings this new version? First of all, as usual, there are some bug fixes and also the stability has been further improved. The features added with the previous version 2.12.11  have been improved too, so now, among other options, WhatsApp for iPhones offers you:

  • the 3D Touch Feature (that allows you to rapidly Peek and Pop chats);
  • a rich preview of the links that you send and receive (and, what’s more interesting, if for some reasons you don’t want to share a rich preview or a link, you can always remove this option);
  • a new design for the Settings tab (so now you are able to view all your starred messages simply going to Settings > Starred Messages).