WhatsApp latest update could copy a Facebook feature: stickers

StickersLatest rumours report that WhatsApp will soon introduce a popular Facebook Messenger feature: stickers. But, according to WEBetaInfo, unlike Facebook users, it seems that WhatsAppers do not to appreciate this feature, on the contrary, they really dislike it.

But let’s take a step back. First of all, let’s explain what stickers are. Stickers are cartoon drawings, more elaborate and usually larger than emoji. Facebook Messenger introduced stickers in April 2013 and since then has made several changes to them. And now it appears that WhatsApp will introduce this feature as well.

Also Line Messenger, one of the biggest competitor of WhatsApp, uses stickers in order to increase its revenue. You don’t believe it? We give you some numbers: two years ago, for example, Line made $10 million a month just from stickers sales (at the time, the company had 230 million registered users). And Line is in good company, since also Apple introduced paid stickers to its iMessage service last year.

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But the rumour is not yet confirmed by WhatsApp, so at the moment we don’t know if the company will follow the same business path adding stickers on its Android and iOS platforms. But one thing we already know: that the reaction of WhatsApp users has been very, very far from positive.

On Twitter you can already find some comments from WhatsApp users. Like this one, for example: “Noooooooo!!!!!! Firstly stories… Now this!!! You guys are ruining WhatsApp,”. Or also “OMG! Those stickers are horrible!“. So, let’s see if WhatsApp will add this new feature anyway, despite the many negative comments coming from its users.

We all know that our beloved Facebook-owned app is currently the most used instant messaging service all over the world, and recent statistics confirm this fact. WhatsApp monthly active users are now 1.2 billion, and they are spending more than 340 million minutes each day making 55 million video calls. That’s an amazing result, if you consider that the video calls feature has only been available for the last six months.