WhatsApp: the new Live Location feature will let you see your contacts’ location in real-time

location featureWould you like to be able to know where your friends are in no time? Well, WhatsApp, the famous Facebook-owned instant messaging app, is currently testing a new tool which will allow you to track your friends’ location more easily.

This new feature, called Live Location Tracking, has just been spotted in the new beta version of the app, and it appears to work on both Android and iOS platforms. Let’s be honest, if you have an appointment with some of your contacts, it’s very useful to be able to see where they are, and thanks to this latest update users will be able to make their current location visible to their friends.

How does it work? This latest function is a real no-brainer and, most of all, you will be able to set it just for a limited period of time and then to disable it. Let’s see then how it works. You can enable the Live Location Tracking feature simply going to the Settings menu. From here you will be able to set it for just a limited period of time. So, let’s say, you can decide to enable it for one-two or five minutes and then it will be disabled by default.

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As you can see, this upgrade is a further improvement of the app that already allowed users to share a specific location with their friends. As we said above, for now this new feature is only available in beta versions and we don’t know yet when it will be available to all users.

During the last few months WhatsApp developers are working harder than ever to add new features to the app in order to win the battle with the competition, and, for the moment, statistics put WhatsApp on the top with more than 1 billion active users.

In the meantime the decision to change the privacy policy keeps on creating issues for WhatsApp. Last news report that a German consumer group sued WhatsApp in a Berlin court because of the clauses that allow the app to share users data with Facebook. That’s what consumer association VZBV declared: “Our experts brought the misconduct to light. Now we’ll meet in court,”Be it Facebook, Google, Amazon or now WhatsApp: we target violations.”.

WhatsApp reacted with an e-mailed statement saying that its privacy policy and terms updates are within the law and give users a clear and simple explanation on how the service works.

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