A new way to use WhatsApp from your Mac: Supertab

SupertabWhatsApp is indeed the app of the moment. With more than 900 monthly active users all over the world (and the number is expected to grow) this popular instant messaging application really has become part of our every day lives. As you well know WhatsApp runs on several operating systems, so you can use it with Android and iOS devices, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Phone and Nokia Asha.

Since its launch many things have changed and improved, and WhatsApp developers are always working on new features and updates. Today we are going to talk about a new software dedicated to whom uses WhatsApp from a Mac. This new software is called Supertab, and it promises great things. With Supertab you can access WhatsApp straight from your desktop and, for example, share your videos.

Furthermore with Supertab it is also possible to send and receive messages, use the drag&drop function for images and a lot more, all of this using your Mac keyboard. Supertab is not an official WhatsApp client for OS X, since it has been designed by an independent developer. The interface contains most of the features you already have on your smartphones, and it’s extremely handy if you spend a lot of time on your Mac.

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How can you install Supepertab?
When you first install it, the computer displays a QR code to be scanned with the client of the smartphone. On iOS you simply have to open the app and go to Settings > Whatsapp Web. The scan allows to connect your device to the client. Once you’ve completed this procedure, on your Mac the software will result as an extension of WhatsApp, allowing you to use the most important functions such as the list of your contacts and groups.

Supertab runs on Mac OS X 10.10 or later, and you can buy it on Mac App Store for just $2.99: http://appshopper.com/mac/utilities/supertab-for-whatsapp