Best WhatsApp Moneymaking Ideas

Many of us spend a lot of our time on WhatsApp and have a great deal of fun with it. Not surprisingly, a lot of people will be wondering if they can turn this experience into a steady income or some quick cash.

The good news is that there are some ways to make money from social media solutions such as WhatsApp. The bad news is that these methods can be limited because messaging applications are a relatively new technology.

Despite that, the evidence indicates that a creative individual with an open mind that is willing to work hard can make money from WhatsApp. It will take some time, and you probably will not get rich from WhatsApp, but you can utilize it to make a few extra bucks.

Some proven methods of making money with WhatsApp include:

  • Performing errands or doing micro jobs for others. Simply advertise your services with your phone number then ask respondents to text you a description of what they want done. WhatsApp can help with this process by enabling people to quickly contact you.

There are a number of micro job websites out there. You could mention that you are willing to perform certain tasks for others, such as cleaning, washing the car, or grocery shopping. There are some websites designed to facilitate this process, including TaskRabbit.

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The best way to make money from micro jobs is to capitalize on experience, resources, or skills you already have. If you’ve had experience cleaning or gardening, advertise that. If you have a car and you like to drive, mention that you’d be willing to pick up somebody’s laundry or take their mail to the post office.

You should also concentrate on tasks you like doing, such as gardening, cooking, or even shopping. Remember, there are others that hate those activities that might be willing to pay you to do that stuff.

Ideally, you should be able to get a list of clients that will contact you through WhatsApp whenever they need something done. Try talking to friends and neighbors because word of mouth is the best advertising.

  • Affiliate Marketing. Yes, many people find it obnoxious, but it is still a great way to generate extra cash. There are a number of services out there that will pay you to market products or services for them on WhatsApp. This is called Affiliate Marketing. You will have to do a lot of research to find a legitimate one because there are a lot of scams out there. A good rule of thumb is to never join an affiliate marketing program that asks you to pay. Legitimate marketers will pay you to promote their products. There are some websites, such as OfferVault, that can connect you with Affiliate Marketers.
  • Marketing. WhatsApp marketing is already big business in India, and it could soon come to America. If you have a marketing background, you can start a marketing company and market goods or services for others. Those that enjoy marketing could devise WhatsApp marketing strategies for local businesses by adapting guerrilla marketing tactics. Check out the many WhatsApp marketing organizations in India for ideas that can be implemented in other countries.

  • Selling images, text, audios, and videos for WhatsApp and WhatsApp marketing. There are a number of companies in India, such as Webxion, that sell readymade and bulk text, audio, and video messages and images designed specifically for WhatsApp. You could create and market your own or purchase and resell some of the material from India. Since WhatsApp marketing is a growing field, there will be increased demand for such materials in the future.
  • Creating WhatsApp marketing materials. As WhatsApp use expands, more and more people will want marketing materials for it. If you can write or make videos or audios, you could sell them to businesses or marketers. Those with a graphics art or photography background could create images specifically for WhatsApp.
  • Pay Per Download, or PPD, Networks. This a form of affiliate marketing in which you get paid every time somebody downloads a product you recommend. Finding a legitimate PPD can be difficult, and the amount you make per download is usually small, so you will have to send out a lot of messages. Still, those that get good at it can make a steady stream of income. There are some lists of PPD networks out there to help you get started.
  • Link shortening services. These are services that pay you to shorten URLs or web addresses and put them out on social mediums such as WhatsApp. If one goes viral, you could collect some extra cash. It will usually take some time and experience to learn to make money at this, but it can be fun for those that enjoy marketing.

  • Create apps that can work with WhatsApp. We all know that people are willing to pay good money for apps at places like the App Store and Google Play. Some of the most popular and profitable are those that integrate with popular solutions like WhatsApp. If you know how to write apps or you are willing to go to school to learn those skills, you too could write and sell an app. Generally, it is best to have some background in software or app writing. There are some companies that will help you develop mobile app ideas, and some colleges, including Full Sail University, do offer app writing courses.

A good way to begin is to sit down and think of a new solution you would like but you’ve never seen; for example, something that you’d like to do with your phone or WhatsApp but cannot, or try to identify a weakness or limitation to WhatsApp that you can rectify with another app. If it works, you could sell it through Google Play or the App Store. If you could charge just $1 and several thousand people downloaded your solution, you would make several thousand dollars.

  • Brainstorming. Simply sit down and think of ways you can make money from WhatsApp. A good way to begin is to get a blank piece of paper and write out a list of money-making ideas; then start researching them.

Something to remember is that WhatsApp work is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Making money on it will take time and probably require a fair share of hard work.

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