WhatsApp for Nokia Asha: the new version 2.13.30 is available

whatsapp for symbian40Are you a regular WhatsApper and you own a Nokia? If you enjoy the use of this popular instant messaging app that allows you to send free messages, videos, photos and audio files you will be happy to know that a new beta version of WhatsApp for Symbian S40 devices has just been released, and it’s ready to be downloaded from the official WhatsApp website.

With this latest beta we have reached version 2.13.30. Those who use WhatsApp through Symbian S40 devices (such as Nokia C3 or Nokia Asha 201) are not as many as those who use other platforms like Android or iOS, but luckily WhatsApp developers try not to neglect them  and regularly update the app. So, whats should users expect from this recent update of WhatsApp?

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Unfortunately this new 2.13.30 beta version doesn’t add any new feature, but surely it is worth keeping the app updated because this latest version brings further performance improvements and some bug fixes. So don’t be disappointed and always keep in mind that both the download and the app are completely free. Now, let’s see together how to install this new version 2.13.30 on your device.

The procedure is quite simple, but you have to follow it carefully. The first thing you have to do is to uninstall the current WhatsApp application from your Nokia Asha smartphone. Once you’ve completed  this step you need to open the browser on your device and go to the whatsapp.com/s40 website.

On the website you’ll easily find the new beta version 2.13.30 of WhatsApp for Nokia Asha. Download it to your device and pay attention to remember where you’ve saved it. Once the download is completed, go back to where you’ve saved the new WhatsApp beta 2.13.30 and select it in order to start the installation of this latest version of WhatsApp on your Nokia Asha device. It’s quite quick and easy, isn’t it?