WhatsApp for Nokia Asha: a new Beta version is ready for you

whatsapp symbian 40Yes, after only one week we already have a new Beta version of WhatsApp which will enhance the performances of your Nokia Asha devices. In fact Beta version 2.13.18 has been released and, as usual, will run on Symbian S40 and Nokia Asha devices (therefore on Nokia Asha 201 and Nokia C3 as well). Even if Nokia users are not as  many as those of Android, it seems that WhatsApp developers care about them, and are regularly updating the messaging service for the Nokia platform.

If you expect to find some new features coming with this new version 2.13.18, well, you’ll be disappointed. But the disappointment will soon be replaced by the joy of using a well functioning app. In fact version 2.13.18 brings bug fixes and is much more stable than the previous one. The installation file contains 1519 modified files (remarkable, isn’t it?) while the thumbnails file have been deleted and other 61 files were added. So, now that we’ve explained what updates have been brought with this new Beta version 2.13.18, let’s see how to install it on your Symbian S40.

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First of all remember that you have to download the installation (jar) file manually from the internet. So, grab your Nokia Asha device, open the browser and go to whatsapp.com/s40 webpage. Once you are on the site, in order to upgrade your Nokia Asha with the latest beta version of WhatsApp, select the “Download Button”  and the download of the jar file will start. When the download is completed, you simply have to go back to where you’ve saved it and select it to start the installation process. It’s easier than it seems.

But now let’s talk about some curious statistics that regard WhatsApp, we know that many of you love them. Did you know that in Spain among women WhatsApp is more used than Facebook? It’s the result of a research conducted in September by internetAcademy. And in Brazil? WhatsApp is the leader among men and women while in Germany teenagers use WhatsApp more than Facebook. The thread that links all this data? WhatsApp is a huge success.