WhatsApp for Nokia Asha: further improvements with new version 2.13.26

whatsapp for nokia 201If you own a Nokia Asha or other devices that run on Symbian 40 such as Nokia Asha 201 or Nokia C3, there is a new updated version of WhatsApp available for you. This new WhatsApp version 2.13.26 for Nokia Asha devices brings, as usual, bug fixes and also improves the performances of the app.

Even if over 830 files have been modified, unfortunately this new 2.13.26 version of WhatsApp for Nokia Asha doesn’t add any new features. This time also the installation (jar) file has not been increased. We know that many users are quite disappointed because Nokia Asha devices haven’t yet received important features such as Voice Calling, or even the new emojis, and that these options are already available on other platforms like Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry 10 and iOS. But still, it’s useful to have this instant messaging app installed on your Nokia Asha device.

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So now, let’s focus on what to do to upgrade your device and finally install this latest version 2.13.26 of WhatsApp for Nokia Asha. It’s really not that complicated, you need to be just a little bit patient. In order to install this new version of WhatsApp, it is essential that you first uninstall the current WhatsApp that you have on your Nokia Asha device. This step is essential, so pay attention not to skip it.

Once you’re done, you have to open the browser from your Nokia Asha and go to whatsapp.com/s40. From this page you can download this latest version 2.13.26 of WhatsApp and install it on your Nokia Asha device. Once you’ve completed the installation, remeber that there is another final important step to do. In fact, in order to log again into your WhatsApp account, you have to get your phone number verified by using it. Now you have version 2.13.26 of WhatsApp for Nokia Asha installed on your device.