WhatsApp: released a new Beta version for Nokia Asha

nokia ashaDuring the last few weeks WhatsApp has introduced many updates on almost every platform which supports this popular instant messaging app, which, according to recent statistics, is currently the most used in the world. As usual, most of them were for Android devices, but we’ve seen, for example, that also BlackBerry or iPhone have not been forgotten.

Luckily WhatsApp developers still dedicate part of their time to Symbian 40 platform, and finally during the last few days a new Beta version of WhatsApp for this platform has been released. So, if you are one among those who use WhatsApp from a Nokia Asha device, you surely will be eager to download this new Beta version 2.12.92 of WhatsApp for Symbian 40.

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If you were expecting substantial updates, well, maybe you will be a little disappointed because this is not yet happening. But let’s see what changes. Actually this new version fixes some bugs and brings some improvements. Consequently, by installing this new beta on your Symbian 40 device, WhatsApp should work in a more stable way.

You will not find this new 2.12.92 version on the Opera Mobile Store, which is the Nokia Store, as it is still in Beta. If you want to download it, you can easily do it from the official website of WhatsApp. All you have to do is to open the browser from your Symbian 40 and connect to the site by typing whatsapp.com/s40/.

Once you have downloaded WhatsApp 2.12.92.jad file you just have to install it on your Nokia Asha, or on any device which runs on Symbian 40. If you prefer to be sure that even this new beta doesn’t contain errors, you can always  wait for the release of its stable version. Talking about major updates, there are no news concerning the Voice Calling feature. This option, as you well know, is already available on Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10.