WhatsApp: rumours of two new features

whats app like buttonThere are rumours about two possible new features which should be itroduced soon in the popular instant messaging application. WhatsApp, which was created in 2009 by two former employees of Yahoo, immediately reached a huge success worldwide. The popularity of the app led to the million dollar acquisition by Facebook.

Now WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging application in the world and offers a lot of useful and interesting functions to its users, who certainly appreciate the frequent updates and enhancements. So, what’s happening exactly in the last few hours?

There are rumours of other two substantial updates, but for the moment nothing is official. It seems that some changes (some code sequences) were found in the beta version of the app, revealing the nature of these two new features. One of them should be the “Like” button.

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In fact it seems that WhatsApp too will allow its users to give their “likes” to photos shared between multiple users. This function is already existing on Facebook (maybe one of the most popular between its users), and it seems that WhatsApp has implemented it too, but on a smaller scale.

If rumours are correct, the other new feature should be the possibility to mark messages as unread, and come back later to reply. This function could be very handy if you are really busy or not in the mood to reply immediately to your messages. Or, in some cases, if you need to take your time to ponder carefully over your answer.

As we have already said, these are just rumours for the moment, and the company has not yet given official statements. On the other hand, these two features are quite similar to those already provided by Facebook, so, for once, rumours seem to have some valid grounds.