WhatsApp: a Two Step Verification Passcode might be introduced soon

WhatsApp passcodeDuring the last few months WhatsApp has changed a lot, thanks to the introduction of some fantastic new features such as the drawing tools, the call back option and the voice calling. Not to mention the much debated end-to-end encryption. And talking about new options specifically developed to grant WhatsApp users’security, today we are going to talk about another new option which appears that will soon be added to WhatsApp.

We are talking about a new two-step verification process. How can you use this new security option? This new feature, that will not be mandatory, but that we consider advisable to use, works in a very simple way. You just have to confirm your phone number by entering a six-digit passcode that will be sent to  you by WhatsApp via SMS. If you don’t want it, you will have the ability to create your own six-digit code.

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Once you have this six-digit code, you can use it soon after you enter your phone number on WhatsApp. If you decide to create your own passcode, you need to enter also your email address. Why? This step is needed in order to be verified by WhatsApp and, at the end, to create the passcode. There is also another important reason to enter your email: in case you forget your passcode, it will impossible to recover it without the email. And, obviously, without the passcode you won’t be able to access again your WhatsApp account.

But if you enter your email from the beginning you will be sure you will never have this kind of problem. Whenever you don’t remember your passcode, you simply have to tap  the ‘Forgot Passcode’ option. Once you tap on it, a new passcode will be generated and immediately sent to your email address. That’s pretty useful, isn’t it?

While the above mentioned feature will certainly be appreciated by WhatsApp users, we can’t say the same about the recent decision to share the user’s phone number with Facebook (which is the owner of WhatsApp). Many users have been extremely disappointed with this new option, but luckily there are still 30 days to manually disable this feature.

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