WhatsApp for Symbian 60 and Nokia devices: some new features have been added to the new 2.12.342 version

whatsapp symbian 60Great news for WhatsAppers who use this popular instant messaging app with Nokia devices such Symbian 60 or Nokia Bella. In fact the developers of WhatsApp have just released an updated version of WhatsApp which adds some new interesting features to the app. So, what changes?

This new 2.12.342 version of WhatsApp for Nokia devices enables users to delete messages in all chats at once or individual chats. You can find this brand-new option going to Options > Settings > Chat History > Clear All Conversations. From here you can choose if you want to delete all the messages at the same time or by time: 30 days old, 6 months old.

There are some changes also in the SIS (installation) file which has been increased by 100KB. In addition, 12 files connected to the executable file and libraries have been modified. This new 2.12.342 version of WhatsApp for Nokia devices also brings the usual bug fixes along with the improvement of the stability of the application.

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That said, let’s see how to install this latest update of WhatsApp for Nokia devices. You can download this latest 2.12.342 SIS installation file from whatsapp.com/nokia website. The procedure it’s really easy, you just have to remember that before downloading the new SIS file, you need to uninstall the current version of WhatsApp that you are using on your Nokia smartphone.

This recent update isn’t the only significant news about this successful messaging service and the new year promises to be really eventful for this Facebook-owned service. Along with the several updates received by the various versions of the app (Android, Nokia Asha and so on), it is now official that from now on the application is totally free.

And, big news, it seems that finally you will be able to use WhatsApp to share text documents with your contacts! It’s not yet official, but a Reddit user (CarbonAtom) was able to explore the latest beta of the WhatsApp code and found out that in the near future we will be able to share .doc, .pdf, .ppt, .xls files. Isn’t it amazing? And it’s not the only information that CarbonAtom was able to discover: it seems that the Reddit user was also able to identify the icon that WhatsApp will use for this new feature.

If confirmed, this option will be largerly used by the many (over 1 billion monthly active users) followers of WhatsApp and surely will increase the success of the app.

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