Whatsapp for TABLET

WhatsApp is a great messaging app, but downloading it is not the same on all devices. Depending on the technology, the downloading process will vary.
Some have found that they struggle to get it on their smartphones or tablets, but here is an easy way to install it on the Google Nexus 9, iPad and Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet. N.b. systems.
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tablets-montageInstallation on Google Nexus 9
Some have found that installing on the Nexus 9 is a challenge. However, installing the app is worth the effort on the Nexus 9. One reported issue is that the platform crosses with the instant messenger app, and it is known to cause problems. It isn’t officially able to be installed straight from the Google Play Store without WI-FI service, but there is no need to use a SIM card or root it to activate. Whenever installing apps that are non-support by the device, do it without rooting. Any rooting will ruin the warranty and could potentially be harmful to the device. To use it as you would use it in a smartphone; use this alternate method to activate.

1. Go to the settings menu and make sure that the device allows you to install apps that are third party. Because there is no rooting, the app won’t synchronize with other devices. It’s just like a fresh installation and to set up contacts, you will have to do so manually.

2. Start by downloading the official APK file of the WhatsApp app, which is compatible with the Nexus 9. Go to the URL, http://www.whatsapp.com/android/current/WhatsApp.apk.

Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet3. Next you will be brought to a download page. Click on the button that says “download.” The download process will begin.

4. After installed, go back into the settings button. Make sure the phone has the ability to receive SMS messages. Should you have any trouble, make sure to enable 3rd party apps in the settings of the device. It won’t allow you to install the APK files if this is not done.

Installing on an iPad

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Whatsapp can be used on a tablet that is either an android or iPad. It can be used on a phone that doesn’t have either 3G or 4G connectivity. Whether it is an iPad or an Android makes the process diverse, for this one we will explain the iPad.

1. Start by downloading the app to the computer, be it Mac or PC. This will be saving the file to be opened at another time, not selecting “run.”

2. Use the iFunBox to transfer it to the iPad. So if there are no connectivity issues, you can simply download it from the Google store without issue. WhatsApp APK file is compatible with iPad either with or without connectivity.

Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet. N.b.
The Sony Xperia is an Android based tablet. In order to install the WhatsApp on this type of device, you will need to tweak your security settings a bit.

1. Go the settings menu and scroll down until you see the security section.

2. Click on the security tab and look for Device Administration.

3. You will need to enable the unknown sources for this app to work. If you have already tried an install without this, you can go back and do it at any time. The app won’t work without it. If you haven’t’ installed it yet, proceed with installation.

4. It will bring up a notification bar that will let you know when it is complete.

There is still one more challenge to overcome. The WhatsApp has a phone verification system. The text message can be sent to your phone, but there is no way to send or detect a message from a tablet computer. The WhatsApp will automatically send a verification that it has failed within five minutes. It will then give you the option to try voice verification. Simply tap the “call me”, button. The computer will call and give a verification code that is needed to proceed.

If the tablet is WI-FI only, once the account has been verified, the app will not work on the smartphone anymore. Only one phone number can be associated with the account. It is best to verify the services on the device that is used the most. To use the app on both a cellular phone and a tablet, simply use two separate numbers. *Note: Set-up shouldn’t be a problem. Just remember to check the security settings and see that SMS is enabled.

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