WhatsApp: no more troubles with the double blue check marks. StealthApp is arrived

stealthappA new, free tool is arrived for WhatsApp users. It is called StealthApp, and it works on Android devices. But what is exactly StealthApp? It is a new tool essentially created to help you manage WhatsApp notifications (and we all know how difficult and time-consuming this can be). In addition it actually also helps protecting your privacy.

In fact through StealthApp you can read your messages without sending the famous (and sometimes annoying) double blue check marks. Are you curious to know how can it happen? Very, very simple: using StealthApp you can access to your messages without opening the official WhatsApp app. Once you have installed StealthApp, you will find inside it all the conversations that took place from the time of its installation.

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So this seems to be a very nice instant messaging service, which we think will be greatly appreciated by a lot of people concerned about their privacy. In fact with StealthApp you will be practically invisible. No more check mark and no more “last seen”.

But … as always, nothing is perfect, and StealthApp is no exception. There is in fact a little flaw in this otherwise useful app. The problem emerges when you need to access multimedia contents. In fact, If you want to access your voice messages, photos or videos, you can only do that using WhatsApp (the real one). Furthermore, StealthApp is still in a rather experimental stage, and so at the moment the app could create some problems to manage notifications.

But don’t worry, you are not going to waste your money. In fact, for this reason, the developer (clearly a honest one) has released a free version of this very interesting and original application, enabling who wants to use StealthApp to try it before purchasing (furthermore, the cost on the Play Store is absolutely reasonable: only 0,99 Euro).