WhatsApp vs. Facebook Messenger: 1-0

wa versus facebookWhat more can we say about WhatsApp? By now it is well known that it is the most successful instant messaging app in the world, there are over 1 billion active monthly users to confirm this data. This beloved multi-platform mobile messaging app not only allows us to exchange text and voice messages for free, but can be installed mostly on any smartphone or mobile device. And much more. For example you can use WhatsApp to compress images and videos and then send them to your contacts, or even call your friends.

If we have any doubt about the supremacy of WhatsApp, today we have a recent study by Global Web Index that shows us once again how much users love (and use) this app. According to the survey, WhatsApp has eight out of every 10 users who use the app everyday, while Facebook Messenger has “only” six out of every 10 users who engage with it everyday. These data don’t surprise us very much, since Facebook users have never been fans of the Messenger for several reasons.

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First of all the design: WhatsApp’s much better. And then possible privacy issues. So, once again, recent results confirm that Mark Zuckerberg’s acquisition in 2014 has been a wise move. $19 billion dollars really well spent. Just think that in March the Facebook-owned app reached 1 billion downloads on its Android platform.

You might think that there are a lot of people to provide such a good service. Well, you are wrong. That’s what Jan Koum, WhatsApp CEO and co-funder, has written about this result: “WhatsApp crossed 1B Android downloads. btw our android team is four people + Brian. very small team, very big impact.”  Not bad for a man whose idea was initially rejected by Facebook and Twitter. In fact both Jan Koum and Brian Acton, who were colleagues at Yahoo, failed their interviews at Facebook and Twitter. And the rest is history.