WhatsApp Web is finally available for iPhone users

whatsapp web per iphoneWhatsApp Web, the tool that allows you to send WhatsApp messages from your computer, is now finally available for Apple smartphones. In fact it has just been released a new update that allows you to use the popular instant messaging application with your iPhone.

So far, the system has been available only for Android phones, Windows Phone and BlackBerry, and had not yet been made available for the iPhone due to some difficulties linked to security systems used by Apple for its iOS, the operating system used for iPhone and iPad.

To use WhatsApp Web you do not need to install a program, it just works through a website that can be kept open on a tab of your browser. If you decide to use WhatsApp from your iPhone, you simply have to visit WhatsApp website and open the app on your phone. Once you’ve opened it, you have to go to Settings and tap on WhatsApp Web. At this point the app activates the iPhone camera and will ask to photograph the QR code shown in the Web page of WhatsApp.

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With this procedure the system connects the WhatsApp account with the computer and authorizes the connection between the two devices. You will hardly find any surprises, because WhatsApp Web for iPhone has a very essential graphic and uses more or less the same features of the app already available on smartphones. So, in the same way, you are allowed to send photos, messages, emoji and voice notes.

WhatsApp Web for iPhone is being distributed and requires the latest version of the application, so it may not be available immediately on your iPhone. But how can you install WhatsApp Web on your iPhone? Don’t panic, it is quite easy. Let’s see together how to do it, step by step.

First of all ensure that you have the latest version of WhatsApp on your iPhone (this step is really essential), which currently is version 2.12.5. Once you are sure that you are using the latest version of WhatsApp, you can open the app and select the Settings menu. From here you should find a new menu named “WhatsApp Web”, you can tap it. Now take your Mac and open www.web.whatsapp.com (WhatsApp recommends that you use Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera).

At this point you have to use again your iPhone, where from the WhatsApp Web menu you have to tap‘Scan QR code’. Your iPhone will give you the necessary instructions, follow them and align your QR code scanner with the QR code you see on the WhatsApp Web website. At this point, if the QR codes are properly aligned, on the screen you should see a pop-up confirming that the setup was successful. Finished! From now on you can send and receive WhatsApp messages on your Mac.

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