WhatsApp Web: can you use it on Microsoft Edge or not?

microsoft edteGreat news for those of you who want to use the Web client of WhatsApp with the new Microsoft Edge browser: in fact, finally, they are now compatible … or maybe not. There are contrasting version of the news, so let’s try to recap what happened.

About one year ago WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging application, added the Web client to its Android version. Maybe you remember that at the time there were only three browsers supporting the Web client: Firefox, Chrome and Opera. After that, to the iOS version of WhatsApp was added Safari too. The peculiarity of this new feature was that it finally enabled WhatsAppers to use their WhatsApp accounts through a computer running on Windows, using a real keyboard.

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Unluckily Internet Explorer was not supported and neither Windows 10 with the new Microsoft Edge browser. But now it seems that finally WhatsApp developers have found a solution and made the Web client compatible with Microsoft Edge. The way to log into your accounts is simple: you just have to scan the QR page from web.whatsapp.com. So far so good, you might think. Yes, because now we arrive at the confused part of the story.

According to what a Reddit user has published a few days ago, the new Client was working just fine (he published a post titled “WhatsApp Web now works in Microsoft Edge without having to change the user agent to Chrome or Firefox”). The post caused the reaction of some users who are clearly unhappy about this new feature because it seems that it isn’t working on  their devices.

That’s what some of them wrote: “Not it’s still not working with Edge. For some reason it thinks you aren’t on Edge. But if it thinks you are on Edge it will still refuse to work.” or “Not working for me. Idk why.” and “It seems like this was some kind of bug (don’t know the specifics – not a web development expert myself), because now it doesn’t work anymore. It was good while it lasted.” So, what’s really happening? So far there are no statements on this matter coming from WhatsApp’s representatives.