WhatsApp for Windows Phone: the new Beta 2.12.314 brings more improvements

whatsapp for windows phone beta 2 12 314Another new updated Beta version of Whatsapp for Windows Phone has already been released, and it further improves the functioning of this popular Facebook-owned instant messaging app.

This latest Beta version 2.12.314 of WhatsApp for Windows Phone brings some interesting updates. First of all there is a new icon added to the new Document attach button. What is really useful, is that this latest 2.12.314 beta version also brings regional localization to the prompts regarding this feature, which means that users are now told, for example, in German, that they are allowed to send documents to other WhatsAppers with the same level of software. And that’s not all.

Also the video compression process has been improved. Unfortunately, for the moment this new beta version 2.12.314 is available only to a select number of users, however, considering the stability of the app, it is possible that it will soon be available for all Windows Phone Users.

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The success of WhatsApp, which is now one of the most popular apps in the world (recent statistics report that now WhatsApp has more than 1 billion monthly active users!), seems really unstoppable and now many people think that the app could be a substitute for email.

In fact, the messaging service that WhatsApp now offers include some new features that really make the app more useful than ever. Think about the ability to share documents and PDF files. Or the new photo sharing features that enable users to share images and videos from other apps. And the smart solution that WhatsApp developers have found to the storage issues. Not to mention the possibility to immediately communicate with your contacts, wherever they are.

You simply need an internet connection and you’ll be able to send messages to your colleagues, friends or family.  Like it or not, Whatsapp is changing the world of communication. And probably, in a few years, we really won’t be sending emails and text messages anymore.