WhatsApp for Windows Phone: the beta has been updated

whatsapp per windows phoneWindows Phone users will surely be happy to know that new developments regarding the use of WhatsApp are coming. Unfortunately those changes, for the moment, are available only for those who are part of the testing program (beta version) carried out in a private manner.

Anyway, it seems that among the new features included in the beta version of WhatsApp for Windows Phone, there is also the addition of two icons that indicate unread messages and missed calls. And that’s a really great news and a further progress for this popular app, which is the most used instant messaging application in the world.

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But, on the other hand, we still don’t know if and when these new features will be included in the final version. In any case, the addition of the the icons indicating unread messages and missed calls follows the debut of the voice calls feature, which is already available for Android devices.  In fact, for the moment, voice calls are available only in the private beta version of WhatsApp for Windows Phone who, in the last few hours, has reached the version 2.12.44.

Over the next few weeks this update should make its official start also in the stable version of WhatsApp for Windows Phone smartphones. These last two options are undoubtedly very useful and interesting and will help to complete the new version of WhatsApp which is the instant messaging application most used by Windows Phone owners too.

For now, however, there are no clear indications about the release date of all these developments in the stable version, but it should not be too long. WhatsApp has never been very timely in the release of new updates of the app dedicated to the mobile operating system owned by Microsoft. It seems in fact that the Californian app prefers to use the Android and iOS versions to launch its updates.