WhatsApp for Windows Phone: more improvements with the latest Beta version

whasapp for windows phone beta 2 16 102The developers of WhatsApp have just released a new updated version of our favourite app, and with this latest update we are now at version 2.16.102. What changes with this new Beta of WhatsApp for Windows Phone devices? If you use WhatsApp frequently probably you already know that, thanks to the previous update, the image gallery has become much more faster.

Well, this latest 2.16.102 version further changes the way you can use the Gallery: when logging on to it you will be directed to folders and not anymore to the All Images section. Another change that has been brought with this new update concerns the messages: in fact it isn’t possible anymore to copy the messages received in the group messages. But before you try to install this latest Beta from the Windows Store, we remind you that this is a closed Beta, so you will have to wait for the public version of the app, which we are confident will be released soon.

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By now everyone knows that WhatsApp is the most successful instant messaging app in the world (with over one billion monthly users, and  more than 100 million calls per day, which means over 1,100 calls a second), but this success has a downside. We are talking about hackers. In Europe there is alarm for a new malware able to spoof the user interfaces of WhatsApp, Google Play and Uber in order to steal credit card information.

According to security vendor FireEye, for the moment this latest malware has interested Android users in Italy, Denmark and Germany and works through a phishing campaign over SMS. As we said, this malware creates fake users interfaces that ask for credit card information. These data will then be sent to the hacker. And unfortunately this is just the last one in a long series. FireEye reports that in Europe there are other 55 malicious programs that use the same overlay technique.