WhatsApp for Windows Phone: the latest update adds MP3

WhatsApp for Windows Phone the latest update adds MP3Exciting new features have been added on WhatsApp Beta 2:12:20 for Windows Phone. The development of WhatsApp’s client for Windows Phone smartphones continues, expanding the feature set which is now available for users who are trying the beta application. Let’s see them together.

As everyone knows, WhatsApp Messenger is a multi-platform mobile messaging app that allows you to exchange messages with your contacts without having to pay (as with SMS). WhatsApp Messenger is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia. As WhatsApp Messenger uses the same Internet data plan used for email and web browsing, there are not additional costs to send messages and keep in touch with your friends. In addition to basic messaging, WhatsApp users can create groups, share unlimited images, video and audio multimedia messages.

Now it seems that, with the beta version 2.12.20, WhatsApp has finally implemented the possibility to share MP3 files also on the Windows Phone platform. In fact WhatsApp beta (v. 2.12.20) makes it possible to send the MP3 files stored on your smartphone using a dedicated icon. But that’s not all: the user, when selecting the proper icon to send files, will have two brand new options: Audio and Album.

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The Audio option will open a file selector that allows you to browse your music library, allowing you to send one or more MP3 files. Once shared, the files can be removed or forwarded a second time. But unfortunately, at least for the moment, you can not save them. As for the Album option, this will allow you to share video and photos with your contacts. When you choose this option, you can select a video or a picture and send it to your friends – even photos taken with the Lumia Camera v5 app.

But there are also other changes. For example, instead of the characteristic green, WhatsApp now has the same color theme you have on your smartphone. In addition, you can select more than one chat and delete or archive them. And, quite important, it is now available the option to disable the read receipt.

That said, we are still waiting for voice calls on WhatsApp for Windows Phone, already introduced on iOS and Android. It is important to point out that the possibility of sharing can also be used with other applications and websites, such as MSN News, and OptiMagazine. At the moment we do not know when the new features of the beta version will be transposed in the stable release, which received the latest update at the beginning of April.

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