WhatsApp for Windows Phone: don’t miss the new stable version 2.12.276

whatsapp for windows phone update 2 12 276After just a couple of weeks, the updates that were introduced with the latest 2.12.264 beta version  have been added also to the new stable one. In this way, also users who are not enrolled to the Beta testing program can finally benefit of these latest important improvements of WhatsApp for Windows Phone.

So, what changes with stable version 2.12.276? Most of the updates introduced concern the notifications, but some other interesting enhancements have been added. Let’s see step by step what else you can do with this new 2.12.276 version of WhatsApp for Windows Phone.

Notifications of messages

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The notifications of messages that arrived on your device while the application was closed will be removed from the Action Center as soon as you open WhatsApp again. And that’s not all. In fact, starting from this new 2.12.276 version, you will be able to see a preview of your missed messages on the app’s Live tile.

As we said above, developers introduced further improvements also in video recording: the “tap and hold” feature now allows you to capture photos and record video in a faster way. And if you think that these improvements are really awsome, you will be really impressed when you discover that this latest 2.12.276 WhatsApp version introduces more than 100 new emojis. Terrific, isn’t it?

After this brief introduction, let’s see how to install this new WhatsApp 2.12.276 stable version on your device. It’s quick and easy, really nothing you need to worry about. Being a stable version, you can download it straight from your Windows Phone, going to the official store. Once you’re on the store look for WhatsApp. Once you’ve found it, you can launch the download and install this latest stable version on your device. It couldn’t be easier. You will notice when the installation is completed and, after that, you can immediately use this new advanced version of WhatsApp for Windows Phone.

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