WhatsApp for Windows Phone gets updated: the new Beta version 2.12.152 has been released

whatsapp per windows phone beta nuovaAnother week, another update. The 900 million monthly active users of WhatsApp (and the number keeps on growing on a daily basis) are surely happy to notice that, little by little, their beloved instant messaging app is changing, actually improving, with regular and frequent updates.

Of course those who use WhatsApp on Android devices are luckier, since they benefit of the improvements more often, but also iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry 10 or Symbian users usually don’t have to wait too long to have their version of WhatsApp updated. In the last few weeks for all of these platforms a new beta was made available and today we’ll talk about the new Beta version 2.12.152 for Windows Phone, that has just been released.

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So, what changes? You will immediately notice the first change as soon as you open WhatsApp, because it will not be launched as fast as before.You may think this has not been an improvement indeed, but there is a simple explanation for this choice: developers have thought about users who own devices that support only 512 of RAM. Then, another little change has been introduced in the Search page. In fact with this new beta you will find out that now there are numbers that show the number of matches in contacts and chats.

So, now that we’ve examined what changes with this version 2.12.152 of WhatsApp for Windows Phone,  let’s see togheter how you can install it on your device. As usual, it’s not that difficult. First of all remember that, being a Beta, you won’t find it on the Windows Phone Store. In fact on the Store you can find only the stable versions of the app. So, if you want to install this new Beta version on your device, you first have to register to the beta testing program. Only after your registration you will be able to download the new beta.