Whatsapp for NOKIA C2 & C3

A Step-By-Step Guide To Install Whatsapp On The Nokia C2 And C3: how to do and where to Download the App for your C2 – C3 Phone
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Whatsapp for Nokia c2 and c3
1) If you are not able to install Whatsapp from the official Nokia store then, the first thing you should do is find someone who actually has the app already in their phone. You can make the contact through your phone list. The idea is to find someone who has a higher level on their mobile device. By higher level I mean someone who can access the app without any kind of tweaking involved. It’s not that hard.

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2) This step is very important. You need to make a copy of the app and paste it into your their phone. Simply put, you make a copy and place it into their phone’s memory filing system. If done correctly, this will work.

3) The next step is also very important. Take the memory card form your friend’s phone and replace it with your own memory card. Take the copy and paste it to your memory card. Once the copy is made, it’s all simply a matter of copy and paste.

4) This step is what we call the final installation. Take your memory card and insert it into your phone. At this point, there is no need to do any installation. Once the copy on your card is successfully put back in your phone, everything should work fine. You can start chatting with your friends right away.

These steps that were just mentioned can be used on nay phone. Even if your phone is not supported by anything the Whatsapp company has to offer, it should still work.


  1. Once you are finished using the app, lock up everything you did. This includes chatting and video messaging. Locking it up will prevent anyone from hacking into your account.
  2. Another thing you might want to do is to save everything and create shortcuts. This will give you a quicker way to get back to your conversation. Backing things up will also protect your files or chats. Once you have everything on file, it’s there whenever you need something.

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