Whatsapp for Nokia 108

In the past few decades, Nokia has been known for its quality mobile devices. Nokia 108 is no difference, it was launched in 2013; the phones come with a resolution of 128 by 160 pixels and a 1.87-inch display. It has 4MB ram, which can be expanded via a microSD card to 32 GB.

Nokia 108 features 31 days of standby time and 14 hours talk time, freeing you to focus on planning on your adventures. The phone has a built-in FM radio and music player with a playback time of 40.8 hours. Nokia 108 also feature 2G network and weigh just 70.2 grams.
Nokia 108
Installing WhatsApp on Nokia 108, it is very simple just follow the steps below. First, you will be required to make sure you have moved some items to memory card from your phone to have at least 3MB space. Besides, you will need an extra phone because WhatsApp will send a confirmation text to your number during installation. If you have two SIM cards, you may need to remove the SIM card that is not in use, but you can put it back after installation.

1. You will have to download these two files by copy and pasting these 2 links into your browser: link1 and link2

2. Copy these two downloaded files anywhere in your memory card from the computer using USB cord or you can send them through Bluetooth to your phone if you have downloaded them to your friend’s mobile phone.

3. Copy these two files in your phone Games or application folder from your memory card. Sometimes the two files they merge into one file.

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4. Before opening the files, go to where you kept the files on memory card and delete them

5. Open the Games or Application folder and click on the files and then click on update version, and your phone will connect to the internet and start downloading the recent version

6. When the file finishes downloading, it will ask you to OPEN FILE NOW. Press ok

7. The WhatsApp page will come up, and if you see something like UPDATING NOTIFICATION, be patient and allow it. The WhatsApp screen will ask you if you want to continue, press YES and you will be taken to enter your phone number on another page.

8. You will see your country code and then enter your phone number without the first zero. It will start connecting and ask to send a verification message to your number, press accepts.

9. It will ask you to enter a NAME that other people will be seeing when you are in WhatsApp, you will put your name, and the click continue. Presses next after seeing a notification like this YOU HAVE 12 MONTHS OF SERVICE.

10. You will see a blue bar loading as WhatsApp begin setting up your favorites. After a short while, WhatsApp home screen will appear, and you can start enjoying WhatsApp. All your phone contacts that are on WhatsApp automatically will show.

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