Whatsapp for Nokia 109

The Nokia 109 is a relatively new phone, hitting the market in December of 2012. Now, unlike many of the other phones out there, this is not a smartphone. Designed more for easy use and portability, it is a more traditional, nine digit dialed with a colorful screen at top. Despite being a non-smart phone, it does offer some nice features, including the ability to access WhatsApp for users.
Nokia 109
About the Nokia 109
The smartphone takes advantage of the large GSM mobile network. It utilizes a mini-SIM for phone information while it has a phone size of 4.33 inches by 1.81 inches by .58 inches. The screen size is 1.8 inches and a resolution of 128 by 160 pixels. As for internal memory storage it has 64 MB of ROM with 16 MB of RAM. However, it does not have a cell phone camera. It is all about easy to use specs and features found on the phone.

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As for communication features, it is pretty much bare bones. It does not have WLAN, Bluetooth or GPS. It also does not have a USB port (although an adapter can be used to connect to a computer). It does have stereo FM radio, so radio signals can be accessed. It uses Java MIDP 2.1 for SNS applications, including the MP3 player, voice memo and video player. With the help of the MIDP 2.1 service, it is possible to access WhatsApp.

Installing WhatsApp
Now, with the lack of Wi-Fi and other such features, it takes a bit of a workout to obtain it. Java MIDP 2.1 does offer WhatsApp, the issue is getting the app onto the phone. First, the adapter cable is required. This connects the power port to USB. Without purchasing this adapter, the installation is not possible (available in most stores where the phone is sold).

To start, it is necessary to go to the Java MIDP website. Through here, it is possible to access the listing of application hard files. Once WhatsApp is located for the particular version (2.1), a user just needs to click on the file to download it.

After the download is complete, the individual needs to plug the USB adapter cable into the phone and connect it to the computer. From there, the user should drag and drop the WhatsApp file into the phone. From there, disconnect the phone and select the file on the phone screen. This installs the app onto the phone.