Whatsapp for Nokia 2700

The Nokia 2700 is a mobile phone released in January of 2009 running off of the GSM network. Featuring a color screen and yet a nine digit keypad, the device offers individuals the ability to use some smart phone features while sticking true to the more traditional dial pad.

For anyone who wants to run WhatsApp on the device it is possible, thanks to the elementary operating system found on the device (it came out two years after the original iPhone). While now powerful on specs, it is an excellent travel phone and one that provides several nice features.

nokia_2700_classicTech Features

The Nokia 2700 features a 2 inch screen with 240 by 320 pixels. It is not a touch screen but instead has a five-way navigation key directly under the screen, which is offset by a call/power and end/cancel button. The phone itself has a microSD card slow, capable of accepting up to 2 GB worth of additional storage.

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The phone itself only has 32 MB, so when installing WhatsApp, it is important to install it onto the microSD card slot as the 32 MB is quickly taken up by the phonebook and other basic operating system features.

The Nokia 2700 features a 2 MP camera with basic 15 fps video capture. It has a 3.55 headphone jack, stereo FM connection and a microUSB 2.0 hook up port. It runs off of the Java MIDP 2.1 operating system. It also comes with a built in MP3/MP4 audio/video playback feature as well as predictive text input for making texting easier.


In order to install WhatsApp onto the Nokia 2700, the application must first be downloaded onto a computer. The user must navigate over to the Java MIDP home page and search “WhatsApp” under the listing of application.

Once the application is available the user must download the earliest offering of the app to the computer. After this is complete, they need to connect the Nokia 2700 to the computer using a micro USB cable. The file can then be dragged and dropped into the phone’s listed folder (make sure the 2 GB microSD card is inserted). From here, the user can access the folder from the phone, which launches the installation. After installation is complete they just need to walk through the installation prompts, associate their mobile phone number and complete activation to launch the WhatsApp application.

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