Whatsapp for Nokia 6600 and 6630

Why Nokia 6600 and 6630 cant run Whatsapp

Nokia 6600 and Nokia 6630 are smartphones running the now defunct series Symbian Operating system. The Nokia 6630 was announced in June 2004 and was Nokia’s 1st 3G phone. It features a 2.1-inch display with a 130 PPI pixel density and an Active Matrix TFT display. It is powered by the 220 MHz TI OMAP chipset and has a 1.3 MP camera with 6x digital zoom and can shoot videos in 360p.

It packs 10mb of internal memory. It is Java™ applications enabled and has Bluetooth connectivity, Infrared and a USB 2.0.This candy bar phone has a 900 mAh battery and weighs 127 grams. The 6600 is the predecessor to the 6630.It is a phone that runs Symbian Version 7 and is powered by a 104MHz CPU.It sports a similar display to the 6630 but has 6 Mb internal memories. It has an 800mAh battery and same connectivity features as the 6630.
WhatsApp is a cross-platform messaging app that has proven immensely popular. It allows users to send and receive messages, images and videos using their internet connection. Unfortunately for Nokia 6600 and Nokia 6630, the device is too old. A quick search on the list of supported devices by WhatsApp shows it’s not possible to install it on Nokia 6600 and Nokia 6630.

3 Reasons Why Nokia 6600 And 6630 Can’t Run Whatsapp

There are three main reasons why WhatsApp is not supported. For a device that was released in 2004, expecting it run an app published in 2010 shows how robust Nokia phones are.

Internal Memory

The 1st reason is the small internal memory these devices support. The Nokia 6630 has 10MB internal memory expandable to 64MB whereas the Nokia 6600 has 6MB.Compare this with 16GB base memory many devices come. This memory constraint means the application will struggle to do basic things like capture pictures, send and receive videos, store its data and other essential WhatsApp needs. The most obvious sign of this will be the app sometimes refusing to load.

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Ram Siuze

The 2rd reason is that the Random Access Memory is too small. It only has 24MB of Ram compared to today’s devices that have 4GB memory. This memory is too low considering WhatsApp sets up to 100 MB of memory for itself. It means the application will clog out the memory fast leading to force shutdowns.

OS Version

The minimum requirements for Nokia devices to have WhatsApp support is Symbian 60 3rd edition. The operating system these two devices are too old. The devices themselves don’t support updates to supported versions.

To install WhatsApp on the Nokia Symbian series you need to follow a series of simple steps.

Steps To Follow To Install Whatsapp On Symbian Devices

Make sure the data connection is on and open your phone browser. Google WhatsApp on Nokia (insert specific model) downloads. You will be provided with several links.
Get a review of the specific Nokia model before hitting the download button. It allows you to know what to expect and whether it will have any issues.
Install the executable file like you would on any other phone and start using it.

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