Whatsapp for Nokia C6

The Nokia C6 is a smartphone running the Symbian operating system and sporting a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Released in 2010 the device has a 5 megapixel camera and and 200 MB of built-in memory, and a 3.2 inch touchscreen. It has it’s own 3G data capability and the option of using the on-board Wi-Fi.
Nokia C6
If you are wanting to run WhatsApp on your Nokia C6 you have a couple of options when it comes to downloading and installing the app; including simply running the stable version from the Nokia Store app on your device, or the public beta version from the C6 browser. Neither method is hard. You should be able to simply run your Nokia Store app, search for “WhatsApp messenger”, select the appropriate result, and proceed to install WhatsApp Messenger.

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According to the official site  the Nokia C6 is a supported device. The download link on this page is for the public beta which is in ongoing development. Visiting this page from the browser on your Nokia device; you will want to select the option Download Now which will download WhatsApp to your Nokia C6 specially packaged for the Symbian Operating System which runs your device. When you proceed to install this version, the device will ask for permission to go ahead with the installation.

Whether you install the stable version or the public beta, the installation will check to see if the Symbian Operating System on the device is up-to-date. If it is not you may be prompted to update your device’s operating system. This is outside the scope of this article and assistance may be found at this page due to Nokia’s devices having been assimilated into the Microsoft Family.

With either the public beta or the stable Nokia Store version of WhatsApp downloaded to your device you will be prompted to begin installation after granting permission to install. You will need to follow your device’s prompts through the installation process. By following the steps of installing the app as prompted by your device; you can now open and run WhatsApp.