Whatsapp for Nokia N-Gage

How to Install WhatsApp on Nokia N-Gage
The Nokia N-Gage has been out for a while now, but many people still have a nostalgic love for this old handheld gaming phone. While general services for the phone might feel a bit antiquated, it can still play your old favorites, connect to Wi-Fi and even be used for instant messaging. This guide will show you how to install WhatsApp.
Step 1: Download

This is the trickiest part. Current versions of WhatsApp are not supported for the N-Gage, so you will need a legacy version. There is not an official download site, so you may want to consider peer-to-peer sharing to find what you need. The N-Gage used Symbian OS v6.1 as an operating system, so you want a version of WhatsApp that is compatible with this OS. For newer Nokia phones, you can find supported versions of the app here.


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Once you have downloaded the right version of WhatsApp, you need to install it on your N-Gage memory card. Connect the card to your computer, and open a window to view the memory card’s folders and files.

Now leave that window in the background for a moment. The folder you will need is hidden by default. On Windows 7 or newer, simply type “show hidden files” in the search window and it will pull up the setting you need to change. Make sure you can see hidden files and folders.

With this step done, go back to your memory card window and open the folder named “system”. Inside that folder will be a list of others. Open the one named “apps”.

In order to fully install WhatsApp on the memory card, you simply need to copy and paste a few items. On your extracted download, you should see at least three folders: apps, data and libs. In the apps folder there should be another folder named “WhatsApp”. Copy it into the corresponding folder on the memory card. Within the data folder is an additional folder called “plugins”.

Again, copy it into the matching folder on your memory card. Finally, there is a folder called “libs”. Inside this folder are a few others and then a long list of files. Copy all of the files but none of the folders into the same named folder on your memory card. There may be other files or folders on your download, but they are unnecessary.

That’s it!

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