Whatsapp for Nokia N72

The Nokia N72 is a smart phone in the Candybar, or “Monoblock“, form with the Symbian 8.1a OS and the S60 2nd edition feature pack 3. It has 53MB of RAM and 20MB of memory and is capable of up to 4GB of expandable memory.

It’s display size is 176 x 208 pixels with a 256K matrix screen. It is equipped with a 2MP camera, with flash, and it supports BMP, Exif, GIF, JPG, PNG, and WBMP files. It also supports Excel, PDF Powerpoint, and Word Documents. It has an FM radio and also has a digital music player. It is capable of playing 3D Java games and supports Bluetooth 2.0 and USB 2.0 as well, which has the “pop-port” interface. To get a complete list of specifications, you can go to this site:
Nokia N72

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Unfortunately, the Whatsapp app is not supported by the Nokia N72 cell phone. Even though it is a smart phone, it is very limited on what it can do. So, therefore, it is not compatible with some apps. It is recommended that, if possible, you upgrade to a phone that can support the Whatsapp app.

In order to see if your Nokia cell phone is compatible with the app, you can go to this web page to find out. This web page is directly off of the Whatsapp site and can easily help you identify if your phone is compatible. Just type the name of your cell phone in the bar under where it says “Supported Phones“. If you type in “Nokia N72“, you will instantly see that it tells you, “Sorry, your phone is not supported“.

When you begin typing in the name of your cell phone, some suggestions of possible phones will pop up in a list below where you are typing. All of these suggestions are cell phones that are supported. You can then select your cell phone from the suggestion list and it will now let you know, “Your phone is supported!“. With this very helpful web page, you will easily be able to know if your cell phone can run the Whatsapp app. With this information, you should now be able to identify if your cell phone is compatible with Whatsapp. Download and enjoy!