Whatsapp for Nokia N79

The Nokia N79 is one of the phones that is very popular in today’s world. and it is a smartphone that runs on the Symbian system. Nokia N79 is a smartphone and a member of the Nokia Nseries multimedia smartphone family. It runs on a Symbian OS V.9.3 FP2 and first debuted in 2008, and is one of the more popular phones of its type.

Individuals who want to download WhatsApp on their Nokia N79 should go through a step by step procedure.


First of all they need to decide whether they want to go through the Nokia site which is a stable site and easy to use.

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Using the Nokia stable store, They must click on the whatsapp magnyfying lense in the store. They then will click on the lenses that features whatsapp messenger. Once you have done this you can go look through the step by step process that you might need.

You just follow the instructions that are listed on the screen This is one of the things that you must do to install and you have the will have the messenger installed on your phone in a matter of seconds. It is just one of the simplest way you can get the messenger on your phone. it is one of the that you can get the options that you are looking forward to.

Another thing that you might be looking to use when you are enjoying this phone is to use the public version of the download which is currently in beta version. You simply click on this link

There will be a green icon, once again you will click on this and follow all the instructions that are on the screen. These are the ways to download whatsapp for Nokia.

An alternative method is to go to a legitimate freeware sites. There are a lot of freeware sites that claim they have this product but individuals who re going to download it need to go to a trusted source when they are downloading this freeware program. It is critical to get a site that is not buggy, or has no viruses associated with it. Follow the onscreen instructions after download.