WhatsApp latest update could copy a Facebook feature: stickers

StickersLatest rumours report that WhatsApp will soon introduce a popular Facebook Messenger feature: stickers. But, according to WEBetaInfo, unlike Facebook users, it seems that WhatsAppers do not to appreciate this feature, on the contrary, they really dislike it.

But let’s take a step back. First of all, let’s explain what stickers are. Stickers are cartoon drawings, more elaborate and usually larger than emoji. Facebook Messenger introduced stickers in April 2013 and since then has made several changes to them. And now it appears that WhatsApp will introduce this feature as well.

WhatsApp asks its users not to use the new “I love WhatsApp new colors” feature: it is a dangerous scam

WA I love new colors scamOnce again WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned instant messaging app, has been the target of scammers, who try to take advantage from the popularity of the app. During the last few days a new malicious software called “I love WhatsApp new colors” has once again endangered the safety of millions of WhatsApp users.

How does it work? A fake message tells users that they can easily change the look of the app by adding a variety of colours. The message says “I love WhatsApp new colors” adding a link that the user is invited to click on to get the update. At this point the poor WhatsApp user is asked to share the message with up to 12 friends, in order to make this “new feature” work on their app.

WhatsApp for Windows Phone: the new Beta version 2.17.162 adds a new feature

WP Pin Chat featureDespite a few unexpected difficulties experienced recently (see the outages occurred in several countries during the last month), WhatsApp developers keep rolling out updated versions of our favourite instant messaging app, always offering new features and improved performances.

So today we are going to talk about the latest beta version of WhatsApp available for Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile which has been recently released. This latest update is number 2.17.162, and adds two new features.

WhatsApp goes down again for the second time this month

WhatsApp crash May 2017What’s happening to WhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging app? For the second time this month, users across the world have been left unable to use the messaging app for unknown reasons yesterday afternoon.

The crash was experienced in many countries around the world, especially in Europe. Disappointed users living in the UK, northern Europe, Italy, Spain, parts of South America, Mexico, New York and San Francisco reported yesterday afternoon serious connection issues and problems sending and receiving messages, uploading conversations and even logging into the app.

Whatsapp fined €3 Million for sharing data with Facebook in Italy

3 million fine for data sharing in ItalyWhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging app in the world, has been under the radar of European privacy authorities soon after its decision to update its privacy policy last year. After several debates, direct attacks and criticism, now WhatsApp has to face a huge fine. What’s happened?

Italian’s antitrust authorities have just fined the Facebook-owned app €3 Million. The decision was taken because, according to the Italian competition watchdog, users were ‘induced’ into sharing information with Facebook, who, as we know, is the app’s parent company. Actually the fine is even lower than expected, the maximum being €5 million.

WhatsApp has extended encryption to its iCloud backups

iCloud encryptionWhatsApp has just made a further step ahead to ensure the security of its users. We all remember very well that the Facebook-owned instant messaging app last year added end-to-end encryption to prevent messages being intercepted by hackers and that this decision generated several debates and criticisms.

But probably many users haven’t realized that until now iPhone backed chats were stored in a readable form on Apple’s servers. Well, it appears that WhatsApp has decided to solve this issue. From now on no-one has access to messages that are stored on Apple’s cloud backup without WhatsApp decryption key.

WhatsApp for Android: the latest 2.17.171 Beta version adds the “recall” option

Revoke AndroidLet’s be honest, it happened at least once even to you in your social media life: you have sent a message by mistake. Sometimes we sent it to the wrong recipient, some others we have written something that later we have regretted, but the result is the same: embarassment.

Luckily, WhatsApp developers are coming to our aid and have finally designed a new “unsend” feature. At least that’s what WABetaInfo reveals on Twitter. According to the site the icon for this new feature is already available in the latest 2.17.171 Beta version for Android devices, but is currently disabled by default.