WhatsApp: a new warning over a dangerous scam

WA Scam 27 july_1Another scam is seriously endangering the safety of WhatsApp users. This time it looks like an official message and it contains a link to an alleged customer portal where users are asked to give their bank details.

That’s the text of the message: “Our records indicate that your WhatsApp trial service is exceeding the one-year period.” The message then adds: “At the completion of your trial period your WhatsApp will no longer be able to send or receive message [sic]. To continue using WhatsApp without interruption [sic], we need you to subscribe for any of our subscription periods.”.

WhatsApp: the latest 2.17.265 beta version supports Picture-in-Picture video calls in Android O

WA Beta for Android Picture in PictureToday we have great news for those of you who use our favourite instant messaging app with Android devices. Thanks to the latest 2.17.265 update, WhatsApp users with Android 8.0 devices will be able to enjoy a new, useful functionality.

According to Android Police, a new “Picture-in-Picture” mode is already available on Android O Developer Preview. So, how does it work? The PiP option is designed to allow users to continue texting (or doing other things, in other words it is the right feature for multitasking) while having a video conversation.

WhatsApp for Android: the latest 2.17.148 update will make much easier to write your messages in bold, strikethrough and italics

BoldThe latest WhatsApp update is really going to help the app users to save time while they type their messages. Yes, with this latest 2.17.148 beta version of the app users will be able to use in an easier way an already existing feature, that has been hugely improved.

Let’s see what changes. Beta version 2.17.148 adds a special dropdown menu. Simply tapping the overflow button, users will be able to change their font automatically. All thanks to this floating toolbar. How does it work? It’s very easy. You just have to select the text you need to change and the replacement will be automatically applied.

WhatsApp: some new features have been added to both Android and iPhone platforms

WA for android emoji searchOnce again, we have great news about WhatsApp, since some new, useful options have been added to both Android and iPhone platforms. Let’s see what changes.

WhatsApp for Android – New Beta version 2.17.246 
This latest update for Android devices brings a new feature that allows users to search for emojis in an easier and faster way. Probably many of you already know that this option is already available in third party keyboard apps such as Google Gboard, and now is finally available for Android users of the Facebook-owned app.

WhatsApp: a new study shows its growing importance as news platform

WA News PlatformWhatsApp is not just a free instant messaging platform where users are allowed to chat and share pictures and videos. Actually, the Facebook-owned instant messaging app is a rising star also between news media. That’s what a new Digital News Report shows.

The survey was carried out by the Reuters Institute For The Study of Journalism and was sponsored by the BBC and Google. The research was conducted in 34 countries in Europe, then also in America, Asia, Taiwan and Hong Kong, and 71,805 people decided to participate, answering the questions of YouGov in a period between January and February. These are the results, and many could be quite surprised by them.

WhatsApp has changed idea (again): the app will not drop support for a number of older mobile platforms

WA drops supportMillions of WhatsApp users can take a big sigh of relief since the popular Facebook-owned instant messaging app has changed idea again about blocking its service on older mobile platforms such as Windows Phone 8.0 or Android versions 2.3.7.

WhatsApp has in fact  just announced the decision to further  extend its support for users running the app on ageing mobile platforms. With an updated blog post, the app explains what is going to happen. Avid WhatsApp users know that this is the second time that the app takes this the decision, which we assume is very suffered.

WhatsApp: some useful tricks to make more space on your device

WA how to save spaceWhatsApp, the famous Facebook-owned instant messaging app, with over 1.2 billion monthly active users worldwide (in India they are 200 million!) has reached another record, and it seems that nothing is going to stop its growing popularity. And it is easy to understand the reasons of its success.

First of all WhatsApp is completely free, then it allows you to chat with your contacts, make phone calls and share messages, music, pictures, videos and much more. And, as we said, all for free. However, there are some options that some users don’t appreciate very much, especially because they can take up much space of your storage data. WhatsApp in fact downloads automatically all the media files that you receive such as videos, pictures and GIFs. Today we are going to see how you can avoid saving them automatically on your device.