WhatsApp for Android: next 2.17.105 Beta version will add the new ‘Pinned chats’ feature and the Video Call Button

pinned chats for androidAndroid users of our favourite instant messaging app will soon be able to enjoy a couple of new features. According to WaBetaInfo, the latest 2.17.105 Beta version of WhatsApp for Android devices will add a new pinning feature and the video call button. Let’s see how you can use them.

The ‘Pinned chats’ feature will allow users to pin chats (even if, for the moment, not more than three). Why is this option useful? Because once you pin a message, it will always appear on the top, doesn’t matter how many messages will follow it. Needless to say, it will really help you saving time, since you won’t have to scroll through all your messages to find the one you are really interested in.

WhatsApp for Android: the latest Beta version reintroduces the old Status feature

WA for Android Old StatusAfter just a few weeks from the introduction of the major update that completely changed the WhatsApp Status feature, here we are, with a new Beta version (now we are at version 2.17.95) of the service that brings back the old text-based status message. But why?

It seems that the new Snapchat-like Status that allows WhatsApp users to share photos and images with other contacts has not been completely appreciated by WhatsApp users, on the contrary, the feature has met a lot of criticism. So WhatsApp, that is always trying to meet its users demands, with this latest 2.17.95 Beta version for Android devices, has just brought back its old version of the Status feature.

WhatsApp for Windows Phone: the new 2.17.94 Beta version brings a new (hidden) feature

WA Windows PhoneRecently WhatsApp developers have released several major updates available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices. So WhatsApp users can now enjoy more options such as the new Status feature or the Two Step Verification security feature, just to mention the most recent of them.

But WhatsApp users, at least Windows Phone users, probably don’t remember that with an update added in December, the iPhone platform of WhatsApp received a very useful feature wich allows WhatsApp users to cancel or edit an already sent message. However, this Unsend feature works only if the recipient of the message has not yet read the message and, furthermore, you need to remember that you have 29 minutes to recall your message.

WhatsApp for Windows Phone: the latest 2.17.86 beta version brings a new feature that will help you organise your chats

WP Size TabGreat news for Windows Phone users. WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned instant messaging app, has just rolled out a new Beta version that will further improve the app performances, introducing some important updates that will help better manage your chats. Bad news is that for the moment the new features are available only for beta testers. Let’s see what’s happening.

WhatsApp: how to use the new Status feature on your Android, iPhone and Windows Phone devices

Status updatesA few days ago, on this blog, we talked about a new WhatsApp update called Stories, which now has been officially released and that  is available for all Android, iPhone and Windows Phone users. What is Stories and how can you use it?

This new feature, quite similar to the Stories feature of Instagram and Snapchat, allows users to share videos, pictures and GIFs with their contact. The characteristic of the Status update is that it disappears automatically after 24 hours. Now let’s see how to use this new WhatsApp feature, that will let you do different kind of actions.

WhatsApp: is there a monetization plan on the horizon?

WA monetizationIt seems that WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned instant messaging app, finally intends to put into action a plan to get money from its business. According to recent news there is already a man appointed of this important task, and his name is Matt Idema.

Idema, already a Facebook executive, has just joined WhatsApp team as a COO. But who is he, and what role is he going to cover ? While working for Facebook, Idema was leading product marketing for all of Facebook’s business products worldwide.

WhatsApp is planning to add a new feature similar to SnapChats’ Stories

whatsapp snapchat stories featureWhatsApp developers are really doing their best to beat competition, and it appears that the next major update will recall a popular feature that has already been introduced by its biggest rival: SnapChat.

We are talking about Stories, a very successful and useful feature, which will be added to WhatsApp along with other new options. To be honest Facebook (that owns both Instagram and WhatsApp) already added a similar feature to Instagram, so it’s not a secret that the Company really likes this option.