Whatsapp for DESKTOP

Whatsapp for Desktop

The desktop doesn’t officially support Whatsapp yet. The installation and active running of Whatsapp on laptops, PCs and MAC require (first) downloading the software emulator called “BlueStacks”.

This software program is actually the Android app player or Android emulator program for the Windows OS and Mac operating systems. Both the Mac and Windows users can download this program for free from Bluestacks.com . Here a short and quick step-by-step process:

Short/Quick Guide: To install Whatsapp on the user’s desktop via BlueStacks the user must download and install Bluestacks first and (only then) choosed Whatsapp from the “menu” lists of the right top windows of Bluestacks. Or by manually download it from the Google App store. The user doesn’t have to insert SIM cards or connect the phone on its desktop to complete the verification process. The phone number that the user wants to relate Whatsapp with must then be entered into the registration form and then the “OK” button should be hit. A verification SMS mentioning a unique code will be received from the Whatsapp servers and the verification code has to be entered in the required field which pops-up on the user’s desktop. After completion, the user can start utilizing the application on his/her desktop.

Now, for the Full step-by-step Guide to install Whatsapp and Bluestacks on your PC desktop click here.

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Tips & Tricks for Whatsapp Desktop users
Following on, some basic tricks & tips, and strategies that can be utilized by the desktop users of this wonderful messaging app:

Alter your Whatsapp phone number
The initial installation of the application on your Desktop requires a phone number. The number provided can be conveniently altered without necessarily uninstalling/reinstalling the app or changing the phone. The user can successfully transfer his/her Whatsapp account to another number. He/she needs to move to Settings and then select the “Change Number” option.  When the new number verification procedure concludes, the groups, the chat history, and other information will be automatically transferred to that new number.

The Notifications can be received on the User’s Desktop
When working on desktops, the users may miss some notifications. However, this can be avoided with a simple app called Desktop Notifications which enables the users to obtain message notifications on Android and verify them directly from desktops. The app should be installed on Android phones and can even be linked with Chrome or Firefox extensions. This will simplify the process of obtaining notifications on your desktop. There’s also another app called Whats Packed 2 which helps the users to send different file formats to other Whatsapp contacts. Some supported formats include ZIP, PDF, APK, etc.

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