Whatsapp for Samsung B3313

Released on 2009 Samsung B3313 has proven to have the best quality and a variety of colors especially popular for girls. It has also been identified as Samsung B3310 on regular occasions in addition to a Corby Mate.

It’s messaging for both emails; MMS and SMS are dope, great MP4/H.264 player, 2Mp camera, SD card slot, Stereo FM radio, 2 inches screen in comparison to body ratio in addition to a Bluetooth. The model is famous for texting and messages and comes in black pink, blue and green colors. In addition, it gives room to downloading games, java, and a removable battery.
Samsung B3313t
Despite not being Android, getting WhatsApp for Samsung B3313 is easy and a light procedure too. As an OS, it is not common to identify the right procedure on getting WhatsApp for the version; however, the downloading option is right there for every model that’s compatible. To get WhatsApp for Samsung B3313, there is the first option of visiting the original WhatsApp website and selecting the option of downloading WhatsApp for Corby Mate.

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After selecting the download option which is right there because WhatsApp as a website has allowed open downloads directly from its website; the file will be found right in your download’s file section on your phone. Select install app and allow the application to get installed, this is after accepting all files related to the application.

Installation is first, and it will take a few minutes before the application opens requesting for personal information for account registration. B3313 has a flexible browser and is compatible with many applications. The phone is not an android so it does not have a play store from where WhatsApp can be downloaded.

However, WhatsApp website has provided an option for OS mobile phones in which a variety of Samsung mobile devices have been listed with their perfect WhatsApp application.

Samsung B3313 is good at the internet, and data connection and the only way the application will get downloaded is through the phone privacy settings allow applications from unknown sources. In addition, there is a need to check proper data connectivity so that the file will be easily downloaded.

The great thing with B3313 is the high-speed typing ability. All it hence requires is by agreeing to the terms and conditions of the WhatsApp application to perfectly get it going. Now the application is ready to be enjoyed

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