Whatsapp for Samsung Gear 2

The Samsung Gear 2 was a great attempt from Samsung at creating a remarkable smartwatch. This new entry to the market is a bigger and better watch than previous incarnations that has more features than ever. The Samsung Gear 2 has a camera as well as a very bright AMOLED display.
Its body is made of steel and the price of the smartwatch is $299. One of the best new features of the gear 2 is that it looks like a traditional watch so it should fit in with your personal sense of style and not attract too much attention. It is also remarkable in that it is waterproof. Here is a guide on how to Install Whatsapp on your Samsung Gear 2.

The first thing you need to do to get Whatsapp on your Samsung Gear 2 is connect it to your android smartphone through Bluetooth. Also please be aware that you must be running android 4.5 or higher to let this process complete fully.

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Once the Bluetooth connection is complete download and install the Samsung Gear Manager from the android playstore if you do not already have it. When gear Manager is already installed click on it to open the app

Within the Gear Manager app a menu with many choices should pop up. One choice will be “Samsung Apps”. Click on Samsung apps and in the new menu that opens there will be many categories of app that you can explore or you can do a search.

Use the search feature and type in the phrase “Whatsapp“. You will now see the Whatsapp app which has a green and white icon. Click on it and a menu will open giving you the option to install. Click install and the download process will begin.

Once your phone tells you the download process is complete use the menu on your Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch to navigate through its app menu. You should now see Whatsapp available as an app and you will automatically receive alerts and even be able to read Whatsapp messages from your smartwatch without having to open your phone.