Whatsapp for Samsung Gear S

Samsung brings smartwatch experience a notch higher with its fantastic features. Coupled with customizable and changeable screen faces, it enables you to enjoy a wide variety of beautiful displays abreast user-friendly interface thanks to the super AMOLED touchscreen with 16M colors.
Samsung Gear S
The Android device is powered with the latest GSM/HSPA technology featuring a dual core CPU with a processor speed peaking 1GHz. It has a 4 GB internal memory with 512MB RAM making it a performance powerhouse. it has a 53.4 percent body to screen ratio that converts to 2.0-inch size. The Nano SIM functionality, with Wifi capability and a 300mAh battery, makes this phone one of its kinds.

For Whatsapp enthusiasts, you are not alienated in the fascinating world of Samsung Gear S. You can enjoy the wide array of WhatsApp features from group chats to sending cheeky emojis. All you need is to download and install WhatsApp on the phone for a great experience. Don’t worry about how to go about it In case you are worried about it. We are here for you. We are going to show a step by step walk over n how to introduce WhatsApp in your Samsung Gear S.

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Downloading Whatsapp

Go to Google play store using the Samsung Gear S and download Whatsapp version 2.12.173. Downloading may take a while depending on the source of internet connection you have. It is highly recommended that you use wifi connectivity for the whole process. You can download it as an APK file from constant sources such as Softonic using the phone browser. However to install WhatsApp from an external source, you have to make some adjustments. Go to Settings > General> Security and check “Unkown Sources”. If the APK file does not install, you can go to file manager and move it to the download folder where it should now install.

Installing Whatsapp

When the downloading process is complete, you will get the notification on the screen. Then proceed to by checking the install button on the display of the Samsung Gear S. Once installed, click on the open button after which you will be asked to enter your details. You will have to renew your subscription at a small fee annually.

Note that Samsung Gear S is otherwise useless for Whatsapp lovers if you don’t pair it with a Samsung smartphone. It forms the Samsung smartphone that enables the smartwatch to display Whatsapp messages and all the fun. Apart from Whatsapp, you can also enjoy fascinating features that Samsung has introduced in Gear S. Samsung Gear S is the first release from Samsung that can also enable you to answer calls, send texts and also allow internet connectivity. It is an excellent addition from Samsung you should probably try put.

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