Whatsapp for SAMSUNG KNOX

Whatsapp for Samsung knoxThe Whatsapp for Samsung Knox works to provide extra security for individual users as well as businesses.

Samsung Knox was in fact created by Samsung to provide security from hardware using application layering.
Knox works to protect information on the SD card inside the device. Knox keeps others from gaining access to important information. This protection is especially valuable if the device should be misplaced, lost or stolen.

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Knox safeguards personal, valuable information. Extra protection is necessary in today’s world with the threat of Identity theft. Whatsapp for samsung knox has a set of applications that store data, protects devices from malware, hacking as well as phishing. It is only available by downloading the Samsung Android 4.3 premium suite. The download includes support for the app.

Whatsapp for samsung knox comes per-installed on many mobile devices, however if it is not pre-installed the app is easily downloaded to the mobile device the user needs it on. Once the download is completed you will need to set up a personal password and a personal pin only you will know and have access to. Knox gives a further protection feature for users by the user being the only one who knows the password and pin. The whatsapp comes pre-installed for files, email, planners, contacts, cameras, and more. Users can easily send videos and pictures, simply go to the compose message. Next tap the attach picture or video file then send the video or the picture of choice. Finally tap the send icon and it is done.

Users can also create groups, new feature. Users can create a group by tapping on the application. Next tap on options and choose new group. The next thing you will want to do is name or label the group. Last you the user will choose the people they wish to include in the new group and tap create group. Your group will be registered and you have your own chat room. Furthermore the user who created the group is the administrator of the group. The user can communicate together with others in this secure chat room freely.

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