Whatsapp for SAMSUNG REX (Rex 60 – Rex 70 – Rex 80 – Rex 90) Models

Installing the popular WhatsApp program onto your Samsung Rex 60, Rex 70, Rex 80 and Rex 90 can be an easy process. There are generally two different ways to download and install WhatsApp onto your Samsung smart phone. The first way is to download the app from your carrier’s app store.
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This is the simplest process to install any app onto your phone. All you do is open up your carrier’s app store and search for WhatsApp. Once you click on the WhatsApp icon, your phone will begin to download and install the app. After the process is complete, you will then be prompted to create a WhatsApp profile if this is your first time using the service. Samsung_Rex mobile_1When that is done, WhatsApp may need to verify your cell phone’s number by sending you a text.

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If there is no version of WhatsApp in your carrier’s app store that is compatible with your phone, then you can go to www.whatsapp.com with your phone’s browser to see if your phone is compatible with WhatsApp.

Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not work on Java based phones like the Samsung Rex series. There are a lot of sites on the Internet that claim to have WhatsApp.jar files that will get the app to work on your phone. Some of these can be dangerous as this is how malware gets spread. Download WhatsApp only from their official website or through your carrier’s app store. It is a good idea to run a virus and malware scanner on all downloads that do not come from official sources. Follow your phone’s security recommendations on how to handle potential security threats.Samsung-REX-90-Review-02

If WhatsApp is in your carrier’s app store make sure it is compatible with your phones Java based OS. If it is and you are still having trouble downloading and installing, try your phone off and then back on. This will clear out your phone’s memory cache and make room for WhatsApp. Furthermore, you may not have enough space on your phone to store the app, so it would be a good idea to delete unused apps and games to free up storage space. You can also try to update your phone’s operating system to see if that gives you better capabilities to download apps like WhatsApp.

If WhatsApp did install onto your phone correctly you should be able to send and receive messages. Being unable to send and receive messages, pictures and video may mean that you might be having connection issues with your phone or Internet service. To determine if your phone is the issue, try to see if another app or your web browser can go online. If you are still having connection issues, look at your wireless connection. If everything on your phone looks normal, then your connection issue may be with the WiFi router or your phone’s carrier. Again, WhatsApp was not designed for Java based phones like the Samsung Rex series, so it would be best to wait a while to see if they do add support. WhatsApp is available for most Android, iPhone, Symbian and Windows phones. Go to WhatsApp.com and read their FAQ page and see if your phone is supported. There are sites that you can go to that will provide WhatsApp Java files that you can install. Doing this can open your device up to viruses and hacking attempts when you install files from unknown sources. It would be wise to only download from official sources and to scan your device for viruses each time you download something. Furthermore, cleaning your phone of unused apps and conducting weekly malware scans to improve your phone’s security. This is also a good time to back up all the information on your phone. Follow your manufacturers or carrier’s instructions for doing so.

For those that do have WhatsApp on their Samsung Rex phones, there are some tips when running the app. WhatsApp was designed for WiFi use and may not be suitable for your carrier’s 3G and 4G data connections. You run the risk of fees and surcharges from the use of WhatsApp on a data connection other than WiFi. One last note, if you download WhatsApp files for use in a Java phone, you take full responsibility in any loss of data that may occur as WhatsApp is not supported on Java based devices.

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