Whatsapp for Samsung S5222 Duos

How to Download Whatsapp on the Samsung S5222 Duos
The Samsung Star 3 Duos S5222 mobile phone uses the GSM network that was released in 2012. The features that are included with this Samsung phone include messaging, Java, games, as well as browser.

This phone is a unique phone due to the long battery life that offers up to 520 hours when the phone is on stand-by. Talk time on this phone offers up to around 14 hours of talk time. In regards to sound, the Samsung phone has several alert types which include vibration, MP3, as well as WAV ringtones. The camera enables 3.15 MP that includes a card slot for a micro SD that can hold up to 32 GB.
Samsung S5222 Duos

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The Samsung Star 3 Duos S5222 is a simple phone to install Whatapp on. Follow the following instructions that are both fast and simple to download this app.

1.) To begin with, click on this link that will redirect to a site for free Whatsapp Messenger download.

2.) The download button will be on the right part of this site. Click on the button that will then redirect the site that states Whatsapp Messenger 1.0. Scroll down to where the bar code is. Right below this bar code, there will be a link that says free download Whatsapp Messenger. Click on this button that will then lead to another tab.

3.) The following tab will ask what phone is downloading the Whatsapp Messenger. Click on the Android as this is the most applicable type to the phone. By clicking the android tab, the site will then be redirected to a new tab that has a large green button that says download now. By clicking this button, the Whatsapp file will popup and be asked to be downloaded.

4.) Open this file which will then proceed to start the downloading process. Once the file is fully downloaded onto the computer, some of the following information will be required to be added. This information includes the phone number that is wished to be used as well as the country code. For example, the country code for the United States is +1.

5.) Once the application is applied, open up the phone where the app should be available for use. Some contacts will be available through Whatsapp, while some contacts may have to be added in manually. The profile page for Whatsapp is an easily process that includes adding wanted photos, statuses, or information.

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