Whatsapp for G-Tide E3

The G-Tide E3 is a dual android mobile phone. It is an affordable phone, priced so that anyone can own it and enjoy listening to music, surfing the internet, taking photos, and sharing them with friends on social media.
G-Tide E3
It has a high-resolution digital camera with zoom, and it is capable of playing music in mp3 format. It uses dual-band GSM technology for calls and can get 2g internet. The screen is 3.5 inches and it has 133 pixels per inch. It is available in markets throughout Africa as well as India and more.

How to install Whatsapp on the G-Tide E3

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The G-Tide E3 is an android phone so you will need to visit the Google Play store to install Whatsapp. You should see the Google play store app on your phone’s home screen; if not then it will be in your apps list, also known as the apps drawer.

Once play store is open find the search box and type in “Whatsapp”. You should see “Whatsapp Messenger” as the first choice. Just to be sure it is the app that is published by Whatsapp Inc. and its icon is a green circle with a white phone in the center. Tap the app on the screen and it will take you to the apps information page where you can click the “install” button. After clicking install a menu will pop up saying that Whatsapp will need access to your contact list and other information to operate properly.

Whatsapp is a safe and trusted app so click “accept” to agree to the apps terms. After this, the app will start to download. From here the app will install automatically and once it is finished your phone will alert you with a message saying “successfully installed”.

You may now open Whatsapp. Once open Whatsapp will show you their terms of service as well as their privacy policy. Both of these are standard for the industry and there is nothing to be concerned about so just click “Agree and Continue”. Once you agree you will then be asked to enter a phone number and specify your country for SMS verification. The phone number must be mobile as well. Whatsapp will send a verification code to your phone for security purposes and to help fight spam. The code should arrive within a minute. You can copy and paste the code back into Whatsapp or type it in manually.

When the SMS verification is done you will have full access to Whatsapp. Give Whatsapp access to your contacts list so that you can begin messaging, calling, and videochatting with your friends on your G-Tide E3!

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