Whatsapp for Gfive Mobile Phones

Gfive mobile phones allow their users to download free Whatsapp Messenger.  Gfive is a company that manufactures a variety of mobile phones. The Whatsapp messenger application is found in the social category of Gfive mobile phone applications. The steps to downloading and installing the Whatsapp messenger on your Gfive Android phone are provided below;

Gfive Mobile Phones• Step one; open the Google play store.
This is done by clicking on the Google play store icon shown on your Gfive mobile screen. The play store requires an access to a 3G internet or Wi-Fi access for it to open.

Step two; search the Whatsapp messenger
Conduct this by typing Whatsapp messenger on the search box provided on top of the Whatsapp page. The result will provide a listing of Whatsapp of applications. The search process usually takes a small amount of time given your Gfive phone device has an access to a fast internet.

Step three; select the “Whatsapp Messenger” from the results
The search results will provide you with a listing of applications. Select “Whatsapp Messenger” from the options provided simply by clicking on it.

Step four; Install Whatsapp Messenger on your phone.
After selecting the “Whatsapp Messenger” from the search results, a page will be opened for with a green button written “install.” On the same page, you are provided with features included in the Whatsapp application that you can go through before installing the messenger application on your Gfive mobile device. Tap on the “Install” button to begin the installation process.

Step five; Tap “accept” when asked to on the Application permission screen.

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By clicking on the “accept button”, you permit the Whatsapp messenger to have access to your Wi-Fi network communication, contacts, calendar, location, SMS, phone, photos, media, files, camera, microphone, Device id and call information.

Step six; patiently wait for the download process of the Whatsapp messenger to finish. The progress is usually shown regarding percentage and some megabytes already downloaded. Once the download process is complete, the status bar of your Gfive Android device will notify you.

Step seven; installation of the Whatsapp messenger on your Gfive mobile device. This is an automatic process that takes place once the download process is completed. The installation process takes a shorter time to complete compared to the download process. After the installation is complete, you will be notified on the status bar by being provided with “open” option. After clicking on the “open” button, you will gain access to the Whatsapp messenger application.

The second method of downloading and installing Whatsapp Messenger on your Gfive mobile device is elaborated below;
This involves downloading the Whatsapp messenger from an officially recognized website without using the play store application. The process also requires access to a 3G internet or Wi-Fi.
Step one; launching of the internet browser used on your Gfive mobile phone.

Step two; Visit the official Whatsapp Messenger website. This is done by the official site 

Step three; once the Whatsapp messenger website has opened, you will be provided with a button written “Download now.” Click on the button to start off the download process. The Whatsapp messenger will automatically enable your Gfive phone to download the version that is compatible with it.

Step four; patiently wait for the download process to finish. The phone will notify you once the download process is completed. The downloading process usually takes a shorter duration of time depending on the speed of the internet you are using.

Step five; installation of the Whatsapp application to your mobile device. This is an automatic process that takes over once the download is complete. When the installation is done, your phone device will notify you.

Once you have the application running on your Gfive mobile device, you will be required to be updating it after every one year. To update your Whatsapp, you open the play store icon in your mobile device. Search for Whatsapp messenger on the search icon. Then tap on the “update” option to be able to update your Whatsapp messenger.

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