Whatsapp for K-Touch Phones

Here’s How To Install whatsApp on your K-Touch Device

If you just got yourself a K-Touch smartphone device, you probably are anxious about testing its capabilities. K-Touch smartphones offer great social networking experience especially when it comes to Whatsapp. Despite your device having either Android operating system or Windows operating system it is pretty simple to install Whatapp on your K-Touch smartphone. But before you move on make sure your device is connected to wi-fi or has mobile data.

K-Touch PhonesHere are simple steps to follow when installing Whatsapp to your K-Touch phone:

a) For Android devices.
– Tap the app’s icon on your home screen and scroll to the Google Play Store icon.

– Tap on the Google Play Store icon an wait for it to load to the play store home page. This should take just a moment if you had punched in you email address when you first turned on your phone. If you didn’t you will be taken to a new page where you will sign in using your current email address or create a new one.

– Once on the Google Play Store home page, look for a search bar or icon and tap it and type in Whatsapp and search store.

– When the search is completed a number of results will be available. Look for the highest ranking app made by Whatsapp Inc. and tap on it.

– A new page will open up with details about the app. You can read them if you want or just go straight to the top of your screen next to the app logo and tap on download.

– A pop up window with terms and conditions for the app will show up. Read the terms and conditions and tap on I agree if you are okay with them. The app will start to download.

– After download, the install icon will automatically show up on your screen, that is if the app doesn’t install automatically. Click on it. After a while the open icon will show up, if you want to you the app instantly you can open it from there or you can also find it in your applications later.

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b) For Windows phone
– Go to Windows Play Store tile and tap on it wait for it to show the home page.

– Look for the search icon on top of your screen and type in Whatsapp and search then wait for a moment for each results to show up.

–  When you get the results, click on the icon that shows the app is made by Whatsapp Inc. and has higher star rating than the rest.

–  This will take you to a new page with details about the app. If you are unsure about the app you can read the details. After confirmation tap the download icon on the screen and a pop up window will show up with terms and conditions of the app.

– You should read the app’s terms and conditions then tap on accept if you agree with them.

– Windows will automatically take you to its start mobile interface face where it will automatically download and install the app. You can open the app as soon as this process is finished.

c) Unknown sources.
You can also install whatsapp to your K-Touch phone from open sources like the wider web. You need to go to your settings and and allow installation of non market applications.

For example you can go to a website like softonic.com and search for Whatsapp. Then I can click on the download icon and download it. You can the go to your downloads and install Whatsapp and its ready for use. The major threat of installing non market apps is that they are not safe and may infect tour phone with malware or viruses.

With that said, it is obvious that if you follow the above mentioned steps are clear and easy to follow as one tries to install whatsapp on a phone.

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