Whatsapp for Keypad Mobile Phones

Step by Step Detailed Guide on Downloading and Installing Whatsapp on the Keypad Mobile Phones
Let’s take a look at the step by step instructions on downloading and installing
Whatsapp on Keypad Phones.
The first step is to download the files named WhatsApp_Messenger.jar and WhatsApp_Messenger.jad from the PC or Laptop. Kindly, remember to use the computer to download the files and not the mobile phone. The file downloaded from the web browser on the mobile phone will not be able to recognize the format, displaying invalid file format.

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Open the Web browser on your computer. Search in the Google engine for .jar and .jad file of Whatsapp.

There are many websites containing the zip files, providing you the download links. Be warned, as some sites might contain viruses and other firmware that can affect your computer, so it is always advisable to properly check the credibility of the websites before downloading any files from it.

Keypad phone comes with either java or bada platform, hence, the above files are meant for java phones. If your phone employs bada platform, you can still use WhatsAppBada.jar or WhatsApp APK from the internet, the same way as the Java files.

Connect the phone with the PC using a data cable. The most common way of connecting the phone is using a USB port of a computer. One end of the data cable contains a phone connector and the other end contains the USB port, the common connecting port for PC. Once the connection is established, choose the Mass Storage option to gain access to the computer files.

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Copy the above downloaded files from the PC to the phone. A very important thing to note is to keep both the downloaded files in the same folder of the phone storage or the memory card of the phone. If both the files are not downloaded on the same folder, the files will not be installed.

Safely disconnect the phone and restart the phone. You can also directly use the phone without rebooting. However, it is recommended to reboot the phone to prevent any loss of data.

Locate the transferred files in your phone. Once located, install the file with extension .jar. The file can either be installed directly or you can easily gain access through the explorer.

Once the files are installed, you will have access to the Whatsapp on your keypad phone. The phone might lag a bit due to the extensive size of the app.

Important Notes:

Sometimes, the application will not be accepted by the phone and display ‘Application not supported’. This is mainly caused due to the corrupt files. It is important to download the working zip files that are free from any sort of viruses and spyware.

The phones must have at least 240×320 screen size in order for the app to work.

The process will not work for all the keypad or java phones. It’s working depends on the version of java.

It may require trying out the steps many times to make the application working on the phone.

For some phones, the content of the file may be too large, hence, it will not install on such phones.

All the latest updates related to the app will not function with the phone.

Even though the mentioned steps will install the app on your keypad phone, it will not function with the same level of efficiency as it would on smartphones. The installed app will lack many features in comparison with the smartphones. The following steps are easy to follow in order to enjoy Whatsapp on the phone. Be advised to follow the instructions exactly as mentioned above to avoid any unnecessary mishaps, while downloading and installing the app on the phone.

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