Whatsapp for Lg C100

The LG C100 is a now discontinued Tracfone. The device has a physical keyboard on the bottom half of the device and does look similar to the more popular BlackBerry, only with a more slender body design (which in turn results in smaller keys and a more vertical screen). The device is able to run WhatsApp, although as the phone, released in 2010, has been discontinued, it is an older version of the application.

Lg C100LG C100 Specs

The phone features a 2.2 inch screen size while supporting a resolution of 176 by 220 pixels (129 ppi). The phone has a rear facing 1.3 megapixel camera, which proved to be standard at the time of release. It does have a digital zoom, making it possible to move in closer to further away subjects.

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The device allows for 16 MB of RAM with a microSD card slot. This makes it possible to instantly add or remove 4 GB worth of storage. The LG C100 uses USB 2.0 with a microUSB connector. It also has a built in music player with FM radio capabilities as well. It runs a very old version of Android, but Android none the less. This makes it much easier to connect and install the WhatsApp application.

Downloading and Installing WhatsApp

The LG C100 does not use GooglePlay as the application storefront. Instead, it is something specific to Tracfone at the time. It doesn’t receive many new applications but it still supports downloads at the time of release, including WhatsApp. To begin the installation process, it is necessary to open up the storefront and type in WhatsApp. When the application appears, it can be selected and downloaded.

Once the download has finished, the user needs to open the application. To begin with, the user must create an account and associate the device’s mobile phone number when requested. It is also going to ask some basic identifier questions in order to sync up the device and possibly import contacts from the contacts list on the mobile phone. When this is done it is going to configure the mobile phone and, after restarting, it allows the user to make and receive text messages through the data network. It does not connect to Wi-Fi so only messages can and should be sent. Anything larger and it takes a considerable amount of time for information to pass through, or it just crashes the device.