WhatsApp for MICROMAX Smartphones

WhatsApp for MicromaxMicromax is an Indian based mobile phone company that produces a wide range of Android based smart phones. While many of these phones are different from what you might find in the United States, the fact that the operating system is Android makes it much easier to connect with some of the most popular applications, including WhatsApp. This application allows you to easily communicate with just about anyone in the world, without paying a per-text or message fee.

This application is made specifically for smartphones, and with the help of the Android operating system, it is rather easy to install the app, no matter what sort of Macromax smartphone you are using.

If you have a Micromax phone with Android OS, to locate the WhatsApp application, you need to open “Google Play” on your mobile device. Once the store is open, simply type in “WhatsApp” into the search field and the WhatsApp application is going to load at the top of the search results. Select this application and wait for it to finish downloading to your computer. It is not a large app, so it should just take a few moments for you to complete the download process. If you have a Micromax with Windows mobile OS just go straight to this page and download Whatsapp.

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Now that it is on your Micromax phone, you need to sync it up with your current phone number. Open the icon that is now on your device and type in the phone number on your mobile phone. If you have a different number you want to associate with the phone you can now, but just note that if you want to associate your current mobile phone with it later, you need to uninstall and reinstall the application as you can only have one number connected to it per device.

After you have typed in the phone number the application is going to ask to scan over your contact list to see who else has WhatsApp. This is helpful so you do not need to type in other contact numbers of people who do not have the application. You are only able to send messages to other people who have the app installed, so knowing this ahead of time is helpful. The application can scan over both your phone contacts and your Facebook contacts, if you have a Facebook account. Once it has done this, your updated contact list in WhatsApp is going to appear. This way, you can quickly and easily send messages, pictures and other media to them no matter where you are in the world.

N.B. At this moment Whatsapp is fully compatible with the following MICROMAX models: A064, A065, A066, A067, A068, A069, A075, A082, A089, A091, A092, A093, A102, A104, A106, A108, A109, A111, A114, A114R, A115, A117, A120, A121, A177, A190, A200, A24, A240, A250, A290, A300, A310, A311, A315, A350, A37, A37B, A58, A59, A61, A62, A71, A88, A93, A94, A96, A99, AD3520, AD4500, AE90, AQ4501, AQ5000, EG111, EG116, MT500, W121.

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